Thursday, 21 October 2010

NOTD Essence Forever Mine

Yesterday in my haul you might have spotted this nail polish I bought from the denim collection of Essence. I'm a big fan of denim and mostly wear jeans so obviously I had my eye on this collection. Sadly enough I could only get a hold on the colour "Forever Mine", a special kind of blue. I took a picture of my left hand so you could see how much my nail has grown since the accident - I can stand how it looks and I hope it grows even faster... Guessing it will be its old self within a month from now on.

The polish has a lot of colour/pigment to it and has a tiny brush like Essie polishes, this makes application a bit more difficult. I used 2 light coats to get this kind of coverage. It glides on smooth and leaves a nice finish. A big downside is the chipping: a few hours after application -with top coat- I already had signs of chipping on the ends, dissapointing! On the colour itself: you like it or you don't, myself I don't like it and I can't really tell why. It's a bit too much I guess and I assumed it would be a darker blue. My bf loved it though, personal choice, budget price of 2,5euros.


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