Friday, 29 October 2010

Soft glowy look starring the Naked Palette

As I promised in the beginning of the week, today a little talk-tutorial how I did my eye-look for the soft glowy look I was sporting. Off course you can make the colours more intense or less to your likings. I did this look because I was keen on using my Naked Palette and I really love it, colours are beautifull and superpigmented!

This look is really simple and only consists of 3 eyeshadows and an eyeliner pencil, I'm still learning the ropes you know. Let's have a look at the colours I used, you can use similar colours from other brands to recreate this as well. Pictures were made when I got home in the middle of the night, so excuse the bit of smudging on sides of my eyes and messy brows :)

1. Virgin: highlighter in the inner corner of your eye and right underneath your eyebrow (this colour doesn't show well on camera)
2. Half baked: apply this over your moving eyelid as intense as you want and blend it out to your eyebrow
3. Hustle: apply in your crease and outer corner of eye - blend these two and apply also on the lashline below
4. Finish with a -soft- black eyeliner pencil and mascara

Yes, I wear contacts !
(and the shadow got a bit smudged from rubbing but this was the only decent picture I had)

I hope you like it!


PinkFairy said...

ik zie alleen maar zachte looks met dit paletje :P weet daarom ook niet of ik deze ga kopen... maar kan echt niet wachten tot UD bij Sephora in Utrecht komt...

aline said...

heel mooie look... ik heb de verleiding tot hier toe nog kunnen weerstaan maar 't begint toch wel te prikken ze! Ik moet dat palette hebben!! :D

Evelien said...

De laatste 2 kleuren zijn nochtans vrij donker, zal er eens mee gaan spelen :)

Dankje Aline, het is een superpalet maar het kost wel wat...

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