Monday, 11 October 2010

Beautyschool - after part

I was really excited by this beautyschool and arrived on time. When entering the store I got redirected to the back where a table was set up, each chair had its own mirror and brush pouch in front of it. A few people were already there but there were a lot of empty chairs, normally there would be 14 people total. I got offered a drink and sat down, noticing there wasn't much space. In the middle of the table were some Dior products such as a milk cleanser along with tissues. I opened the brush pouch and checked the brushes, there weren't many in it: a big powder brush, a blush brush, a eyeshadow brush, a eyeliner brush. I inspected them and they were dirty, quite dirty. I talked about it to my neighbour and hers were also quite dirty. We inspected the brushes on our sides and they looked a lot better so we switched them - I can't stand dirty brushes. A few more people came in but apparently we were still waiting untill one of the ladies had an announcement that there were a few others coming and we would be at a total of 18 so we had to make room for 4 more people. They sat up another table at the end. She stated that this time everyone had come who had subscribed, normally a few people cancel.

Anyway, after everyone was in place one girl sat at the top of the table for the speech. There were 3 or 4 other ladies who would assist and such. The girl started with saying she was a make-up artist and today we would learn the basics of skin care and make-up, which didn't excite me at all. She went on by saying we would learn how to apply everything, along with some tips. We started with eye make-up remover on a tissue, along with make-up remover for our face. And then she said something horrible: the cleanser could have a tingling effect just like if you use an alcohol disinfecter - who on earth would use such a thing on their face? No one, apart from me, was looking weird at her... I stated my horror to the girls on my side but both of them were quite clueless on it. After that we went on with lotion, serum, day cream (no mentioning on SPF either), eye cream.

Then it was time for make-up, starting with a primer, foundation, concealer, highlighter, blush, eyebrow pencil (none in my colour) - no gel?- with tips and pointers that everyone already knows about. But not the girls present because most of them didn't even know how to apply their blush. After that it was time for eyeshadow, yes finally, we got a Dior palet (I got a neutral matte one) and she explained a 3 colour eyeshadow application with moving lid - crease and corner - highlighter. An eyeshadowprimer wasn't mentioned, weird. Noticable was that she applied it with different brushes, but we only had one brush and no cleanser apart from a tissue. Again I was the only one finding this a bit weird. Luckily I had light colours and I worked up from lightest to darkest removing leftovers on the tissue. Then we applied eye pencil and mascara. After everyone had finished their look she said that whoever was up for it could do a smokey eye. Curious to her take on it, I went along. We started with a lot of eyepencil, then black and grey shimmer eyeshadow. This was really hard because of the one brush thing - I did my best and went for a not too bold version of it. We completed it with liquid eyeliner. Then to finish everyone off, we applied a lip pencil - lipstick and lipgloss. That was the end of beautyschool. Here's the look I did (sorry for some smudges but it's freaking hard with one brush), I don't use it often because I think it looks too harsh on me.

Excitement, we got a shopping bag along with a Dior pouch containing a sample of Nude foundation 30 - too dark for me- and Diorshow mascara.
We were also able to ask advice or purchase something. I purchased the By Terry - Baume de Rose that had been on my list for some time.

Beautyschool costs 10euro, but you get a 10euro voucher so it's basically free :) If you're a beginner or if you want to try products by a certain brand I would advise this workshop, plus the presents are a nice bonus. But don't believe everything they say.


Perfectly Unordinary said...

Hè, dat klinkt een beetje teleurstellend! Ik zou er niet tegen kunnen om vuile borstels te krijgen.
Maar full face is die foto wel top, je ziet er fierce uit!

PinkFairy said...

Wel leuk, maar jammer dat het zo tegen viel. Eigen had ik het een beetje verwacht :P Zulke activiteiten zijn vaak voor mensen die nauwelijks met make-up te maken hebben ;)

Evelien said...

Tja ik had er meer van verwacht... waren verschillende zaken die naar mijn mening niet kunnen zoals bv die borstels. Bedankt voor het compliment :) het is inderdaad heftig!

Ja, dat heb ik nu ook door maar er stond ook geen informatie ofzo bij. Nu weet ik wat ze bedoelen met beautyschool. Ik ben toch blij dat ik gegaan ben, alleen al voor het leuke make-up tasje!!

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