Thursday, 7 October 2010

NOTD Catrice Lost in Mud

The last couple of days the weather is becoming darker and rainy and such, so does my polish mood. I decided to put on a muddy fall colour... I bought this polish by Catrice a while back, when I was doing my giveaway but hadn't used it yet. It is supposed to be a look-a-like for Chanel Particuliere, well judge for yourself, here she is:

When applying I was really impressed with the coverage: one thick layer offers enough coverage. I only put up 2 layers on my thumb and ringfinger as they are a bit larger. Application went really smooth, no struggle at all and it has a lovely finish to it as well. Tiny downside: I'm on my third day of wearing the polish and it's starting to show on the tips and sides of my nails - even though I have a topcoat on. But that's just a minor something, as this polish is really cheap.

What are your favourite fall colours?


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