Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Review By Terry Touche Veloutée

A while ago I talked about By Terry in an article of the brand and let you in on some of the products I have. It's such a luxurious high end brand - pricey - and I love those. But does it also deliver quality? We'll see... She offers a lot of touch pens and I was curious to try them. Lisa Eldridge was really enthousiastic about this pen and it was also a product that immediately got my attention. There are 3 colours available: porcelain (pinkish), cream (light) and beige (medium), no alternative for dark skin tones sorry girls. I swatched it in the store and went for the cream which was light enough for me.

This multi-perfecting anti-dark circle brush provides high coverage correction for astonishingly natural anti-blemish camouflage. It brightens dark circles, camouflages blemishes, wrinkles and fine lines and instantly illuminates the eye contour area with restful radiance. Its elastic powdery texture glides over the skin and guarantees a matte, crease-free result. Application tip: click, place the brush on the marked areas and blend, smoothing over bare skin or makeup.

Packaging is beautifull and should be for this price. The pen itself is goldlike en has a brush applicator in it. The brush is quite hard but doesn't sting on your skin. You have to click the pen at the bottom to dispense the product onto the brush. With one click you get the amount of product underneath. This is already a big plus because with a lot of pens it's necessary to click multiple times to get a bit out of it, not with this one. Off course, when the product is starting to run out, you will have to click more.

After having clicked one time, I dot a few spots under my eyes like underneath. With one click I can do both my eyes and a few areas on my face that need concealing as well. I don't use the brush to rub/pat it in, I use my fingers because I find this works better. The brush is a bit hard for use around the eye area but works well on your face. This concealer blends in easily and offers medium coverage (claims high coverage but I don't think so). It takes away the bit of redness I have underneath my eyes and delivers a natural finish as seen below.

This concealer works best for normal skin types. I have dry skin and this concealer works great on my face, undereye area can look a bit drying from time to time, it really depends on how my skin reacts that day but I have yet to find the perfect undereye concealer that never goes dry on me. It's important that you use a finishing/setting powder, otherwise this product won't stay put on you face. The product doesn't break me out or doesn't clog my pores, again a big plus for Terry!

The pen is quite pricey and costs around 35-40 euros, available in selected stores only or online at her homepage. The price is up for debate because for its money you get 6,5ml in comparison to YSL touche eclat where you only get 2,5ml. So actually the By Terry is cheaper. I'm happy with this product and so far I haven't found a better undereyeconcealer for my dry skin (any tips - let me know), I would repurchase this.


Perfectly Unordinary said...

Dat is inderdaad meer product dan in mijn YSL! En kan je deze gewoon in elke Ici Paris kopen?

Evelien said...

Nee, slechts in enkele, is een exclusief merk dat dubbel telt voor punten. Onder andere in Hasselt (aan Leopoldplein waar The Bodyshop, Esprit, G-star enz ligt) en in Antwerpen ook. Ik zou 'm zeker eens uitproberen!

PinkFairy said...

Wist je dat dezelfde Terry de Touche Eclat heeft ontwikkeld? :) Het verbaast me dus niet dat deze net zo goed is (maar qua hoeveelheid wel goedkoper!). Ik ga het ook een keer uitproberen.

Evelien said...

Ja, dat had ik in het vorige artikel al verteld :) maar wou mezelf niet herhalen. Proberen en kijken of 'm bevalt, veel mensen kennen het merk niet. Benieuwd wat jullie ervan gaan vinden.

Ann said...

Ik gebruik eentje van Dr. Hauschka: 12 euro voor 2,5 ml maar hij dekt maar lichtjes. Op zich wel fijn in gebruik maar concealer gebruik je meestal als je weinig geslapen hebt en dan zie je het er nog wel een beetje door.

Evelien said...

Ah, ik wist niet dat Hauschka ook pennen had. Volgende keer eens bekijken, bedankt! Zelf heb ik ook niet veel dekking nodig maar ik vind het hierbij handig dat ik het zowel voor mijn ogen als mijn gezicht kan gebruiken.

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