Thursday, 28 October 2010

NOTD OPI Give Me the Moon!

Another week, another polish... Now that the weather is becoming darker and worse and rainy, the sunny colours are out and I mostly wear black, purple, grey and brown clothes. I was in the mood for purple so I searched for a polish that would fit well with my sweater and found it in "Give Me the Moon!". This is a strange colour: it's blue-purple with light shimmer in it, sadly the purple colour doesn't show up on camera. The bottle is very misleading as it looks grey but when held into the light you can see the blue and purple shimmer reflecting in it.

I used 3 layers of this polish to get the coverage I want, this is often needed with shimmer polishes - they are always quite sheer. Used a top coat over it and it took very long to dry. This polish can be used alone but can also easily be used over another polish to add a ray of shimmer to it. It works best with purple or blue polishes. Overall a colour that can be worn daily or for going out, I like it!

Which is your favourite shimmery polish?


Eva's beautyblog said...

Mijn favoriete shimmer nagellakje?
Bikini Rose van Chanel! :)

Evelien said...

Ben ook een fan v roos maar heb nog geen Chanellakje in mn collectie...

Prinses Prikbordje said...

Prachtig! Ik ga hier naar uitkijken.

PinkFairy said...

hele aparte kleur, bijna wit. maar wel leuk!

Evelien said...

Dat is vooral door de flash hoor, in natuurlijk licht is het erg lichtblauw, zo één van die kleuren die je moeilijk op camera krijgt. Als je van nudes en zachte kleuren houdt, zal dit ook wel je ding zijn :) Ben alvast blij met zo'n apart kleurtje.

Hopelijk vind je 'm even leuk als mij prinses!

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