Monday, 18 October 2010

Brands: Shu Uemura

By now you should already know that I'm a big fan of hard-to-get brands and this particular one today is such a brand, especially here in Europe. I first heard about Shu Uemura on a fashion forum where people were raving about their products, after some looking into it I noticed there was one store available in my country... So far I haven't been able to pay a visit, but on my citytrip to London I luckily ran into a lot of Shu counters and I admit, I love Shu...

Shu Uemura offers skin care, make-up and hair care. In their skin care regime, the cleansing oils are quite popular - as seen above. I have yet to try a skin care item of theirs so I can't really comment on that part... They also offer a primer, UV mousse that has a lot of popularity, as always it's on my list.

This brand is mostly known for its brushes (and the lash curler, but I'll get to that underneath girls)... They offer a small collection of face brushes and a big collection of eye brushes BUT the prices go from high to very high. The face brushes price range can be compared to MAC, as well as parts of the eye range, but apart from that they also offer kolinsky eye brushes that retail for very high prices, a 100-150$ will get you 1 brush. Honestly, that's too much for me -it's a brush- but if you don't know what to do with your money, why not, go ahead! A lovely sidenote on their brushes is that they are animalfriendly, they only use the hair that has been shed by an animal. This makes Shu in my eyes so much better...

Now, onto my products, I don't carry much but am definitely getting more in the future:

I have 3 brushes of their, the 10 eyeshadow, 20 pony and the foundation brush. Both face brushes have quite a short handle (not as long as MAC or Sigma) but I like this better, it's easier to apply my make-up, otherwise I'm always holding the brush halfway. The eyeshadow brush has a longer handle. The 20 pony is the softest brush I've ever felt, not kidding, I love love how this brush feels on my skin. I have sensitive skin and this one feels so gentle, real quality. The foundation brush is ok and works like most other foundation brushes, but something that bugs me is that the bristles are not dense enough. This makes application a bit more difficult to me. The eyeshadow brush is good but it's not wow-ing me, bristles again are very soft. I'm doing a seperate review on these brushes soon.

I also have their brush cleaner, on which I already did a review so check that one for my thoughts on it.

And lastly, probably their most popular item, the eyelash curler. Everyone in make-upland knows about Shu curlers, they are referred to as the best and YES it's true. I bought mine a year ago and it curls them the way a curler should. I often had the problem that most curlers don't curl enough or don't curl all my lashes or the curl would fade away quickly. This is not the case with this one, it curls all my lashes the way I like them and it does so quickly. Afterwards you have enough time to apply mascara, your lashes will stay this way. I really recommend this curler, if you want your eyes to look awake and if you have some euros to spend, this is an item to consider. It will last you a long time.

Overall, I like most Shu items I have even though I don't have many. This will surely change once I visit the Shu store and have a chance to look at/feel all their items and colors... Let me know what your faves about this brand are!


Perfectly Unordinary said...

Ik heb sinds enkele maanden ook hun wimperkruller en inderdaad, hij is beter dan mijn vorige! Voor de rest ben ik niet zo heel bekend met Shu Uemura, buiten het Essence Absolue voor het haar (dat ik gewonnen heb). Ze hebben ook prachtige nepwimpers, echte pareltjes!

Evelien said...

Ah, iemand die mn liefde deelt, echt een geweldig item! Qua haarproducten ken ik er ook niets van. En de nepwimpers tja die moet ik eens bekijken als ik naar Antwerpen ga!!

Eva's beautyblog said...

Shu Uemura heeft echt fijne producten!
Alleen jammer van de prijs soms ;-)

Evelien said...

Ja idd, borstels zijn echt top!

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