Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Never again: Avon Planet Spa Brown Sugar Body Scrub

Today a review of a mouthful product: the Avon Planet Spa African sheabutter brown sugar body scrub, wow, I just didn't want to put it as a whole in the title... Who comes up with these long names? I ordered it because I am a fan of brown sugar, I love the scent of it especially in the winter - I find it relaxing, calming etc. Avon has a Planet Spa line so you can perform your own little Spa at home, this line is more expensive than the rest of their stuff. I bought this product for 5euros in promotion and you get 150ml in return. Let's see if it's worth it...

This non-drying foaming scrub cleans and refreshes as it polishes to remove dry, flaky skin. Leaves skin velvety smooth and healthy looking. Massage over body in gentle circular motions, paying attention to rough areas, rinse. Use 1-2 times a week.

The product is packed in a plastic hard bottle with a lid that has a tiny hole when opened. On the outside of the bottle the product looks brown but when I put it on my hand you clearly see it has a white cast and only brown particles in it. Now, I have a first complaint: it is -nearly- impossible to get it out of the bottle through the tiny hole, you have to squeeze so hard (and the bottle is quite hard as well so squeezing already is difficult), it's just unreal. I had to take the lid of and squeeze again very hard to get some out of it, not userfriendly at all...
The scent reminds me of brown sugar with an artificial hint to it. I think it's the plastic that gives it that scent, didn't like it that much but maybe other people wouldn't mind it. The product itself is a basic scrub that scrubs, it doesn't foam as much as it claims it will do and it doesn't leave my skin feeling smoother than other products. It didn't irritate my skin and left it cleaned after usage. Analysis:

The goods: it scrubs and cleanses, doesn't irritate

The bads: packaging, artificial scent, poor result, price

Overall this is a missed opportunity from Avon, with better packaging this product could be better but I would still think it's overpriced - without promotion 10euros. I expected more...


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