Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Review Shu Uemura brush cleaner

I usually try to wash my brushes once a week with my Da Vinci soap but sometimes I don't have much time (lazy me) or sometimes I want to use a particular brush with another color - I don't owe that many brushes you know. Those were my main reasons for purchasing this brush cleaner a couple of months ago. I have a few Shu brushes that I'm fond of so I know they offer quality. I bought it from strawberrynet but you can also buy it in Shu stores or from other webshops. I paid 10 euros for 120ml/4.2oz.

A must-have for all makeup wearers. Designed to provide the proper care for your Shu Uemura makeup brushes, this formula instantly removes color and grease in seconds. Cleans thoroughly without rinsing. This non-abrasive formula is specifically designed to instantly remove all colour, residue and grease from makeup brushes without harming the integrity of the fibres.

It comes in a glass bottle with very simple packaging like all Shu Uemura products. When opening you see there's a special lid/dropper, I like this because it's easier to estimate how much product you will get when you turn it upside down. You won't waste your product.

Putting it to the test and we're going to clean one of my eyeshadow brushes that used to be white. I put a few drops of the cleaner on a tissue, circle the brush around - upside down - and so on, here's to the result:

It's white again and the eyeshadow has moved to the tissue. So yes it does its job!

To sum it up: simple packaging -just be careful with the glass- and easy to use because of the dispenser. I don't like the smell of it as it smells like alcohol but so does every brush cleaner similar to this one. The smell doesn't linger luckily enough. The cleaner doesn't harm the fibres of my brushes like promised. A big advantage of cleaners like this is that they get rid of bacteria in your brushes and that's an absolute must. Brr I'm already shivering while thinking of it. A disadvantage of cleaners like this one is that it doesn't always clean thorough - in my opinion. I would always clean your brushes a few times a month with a shampoo or soap.

For this price I would buy it again, I've had mine for a few months now and am almost halfway through it.


Perfectly Unordinary said...

Ik heb ook eentje van MAC, maar ik gebruik toch liever babyshampoo, inderdaad omdat het nooit helemaal proper wordt met zo een cleanser.

Evelien said...

Als deze leeg is, ga ik die v MAC ook halen. Ik heb zo eentje toch graag in huis voor een snelle reiniging ;)

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