Monday, 6 June 2011

Visagie Magazine

Today I wanted to share a magazine with you, that I accidentally ran into... It's quite hard to find a decent beauty magazine - most magazine are all about fashion and/or gossip with lots of commercials on beauty, which isn't really what I'm after. Visagie however is a professional Dutch magazine that's all about beauty...

It features gorgeous pictures, new collections, tutorials, interviews with MUA's and so on... I was able to find a page from the magazine, enlarge to read:

Visagie is a Dutch magazine, available in Belgium and the Netherlands. You can check their site for more information, there you can also view the entire magazine of April. Personally I took out a subscription for a year, with a discount on it. There are various discounts available. Just wanted to share this with you all, hope you like it!


BeautyLoves said...

Lijkt me erg interessant! Straks de website eens bekijken.

Evelien said...

Zeker doen, het is wel de moeite!

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