Friday, 24 June 2011

NOTD Catrice Mona Lisa Is Staring Back

When I first heard about Catrice launching a nude line I couldn't help myself and was super excited. I love nudes, so I didn't hesitate and bought them all after their release... And off course, from time to time, I like to share one with you all.

Todays one is a very special polish. It's a beige colour that has tiny golden microshimmers in it. It's only visible in certain lighting, look closely at the bottle and you'll see what I mean... Putting this on my nails was easy, I used 2 light layers and I was surprised at the amount of coverage the polish provided. Looking at the bottle I had expected a more watery version, but this one is quite creamy and doesn't leave any streaks. The colour on my nails is as lovely as in the bottle: a gorgeous beige with lots of microshimmers in it, mostly visible in sunlight. After a few days a tiny tipwear shows up, as always.

To sum it up: a lovely nude polish that colourwise reminds me a lot of Essie, I highly recommend this one if you're into nudes!


Anonymous said...

lucky you, the formula of mine is absolutely terrible!

Evelien said...

Really? That's a bit odd... I hope you have better luck with their other polishes.

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