Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Review Clarins Instant Light Complexion Perfector in Rose shimmer

I bought this product about a year ago, used it a couple of times and then it ended up in my drawer in a little corner. A few weeks ago I ran into it again and couldn't remember why I stopped using it? So Clarins Instant Light Perfector or - being French - Eclat Minute Embellisseur Teint made a re-entry in my daily routine...

A true beauty secret. It illuminates and evens to reveal skin’s radiant freshness and natural transparent beauty.

The gliding, lightweight, fluid texture instantly melts into the skin to leave the complexion smooth and even. Imperceptible on the skin, it illuminates the complexion which stays flawless and satin-smooth in any lighting. It fixes make-up, giving a natural, long-lasting result. For all women and all skin types.

The packaging is quite luxurious: a big silver top, beige glowing plastic with the signature red letters on top of it. The product contains 30ml and costs around 25euros. A bit pricey considering the amount you're getting. It's available in 3 colours, I opted for the 00 Rose shimmer, which is a lightpink colour. The 2nd colour is more beige and the 3rd one is bronzy. When you open the top, there's a pump, convenient and hygienic - definitely to my likings. Plus the top is flat, so you can just put it up straight somewhere on your dresser for easy access...

Dispensing goes easily and what you see underneath is about one pump. It's a light babypinkish colour that spreads easily, it's just like a lotion but a bit greasier. The fragrance is strongly present as a floral scent and roses, for me it's a bit too much... but I'm sure a lot of people will love it. I'm not the biggest fan of putting heavily fragranced products on my skin as it can be irritating.

As you can see underneath it sinks in quite fast and doesn't leave any cast behind. Afterwards you may be aware of a slight shimmer but it's hardly noticeable, especially when you'll be using a finishing powder afterwards. So as far as highlighting goes, this product doesn't make the cut. But, then again, that isn't its intention. This product is meant to even out your complexion? It does make my skin soft and leaves a nice base for makeup, maybe a tiny bit of diminishing of pores and fine lines but nothing major. Evening out - not really... Then, what is it any good at? I've tried it with several purposes and the best one is the one of primer... I use about 1,5 pump for my entire face, providing a good base and at the end of the day my makeup is still very present and hasn't been worn out. It gives your foundation a more dewy look and if you have dry skin a more greasy primer like this one is recommendable.

The goods: good primer, sinks in fast, lovely scent

The bads: strong scent, maybe a bit pricey, doesn't even out your complexion

Overall this is a decent product when used as a face primer, but there are equally good and probably even better ones available in this pricerange. I will continue and enjoy using this untill I finish it, but I won't repurchase it. It doesn't wow me, but it isn't bad either... your call whether you want to give it a shot!


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