Friday, 17 June 2011

Budget Review Catrice LE eye shadow highlighter in Fairy Dust

One thing I love about Europe is that we have acces to such a great budget brand as Catrice: they have a nice basic range and their LE always feature something I want to purchase. With their latest edition called Wonderland, I only got a few goodies... This highlighter was one of them, which left quite the impression on me.

The CATRICE look is radiant and lively this spring:
with the light highlighter, you can skillfully set gorgeous accents and turn every eye shadow into something special simply by applying the highlighter with a platinum shimmer over your eyeshadow.

The packaging is very subtle with the butteflies on it, but so lovely - it immediately reminds me of summer. Funny is that Shu Uemura features almost identical packaging to Catrice: the clear plastic and shape of their boxes are just the same. Considering this is a budget brand, their products packaging are of quality and do not look cheap at all. It contains 2g and costed around 2-3euros.

The eyeshadow picks up nicely and doesn't have fall-out, which is often annoying with glittery eyeshadows. It goes onto skin smooth and blends easily. The colour is really hard to define: it has gold in it, but also silver and some particles shine a bit more than others, it also looks different depending on the lighting (click on the pictures underneath for a better&larger view of the swatch). One thing I love about this highlighter is that it's very subtle and doesn't leave you with an "overdo"-feeling. It can be used as a highlighter or also over a matte eyeshadow to spice it up a bit. With a good eyeshadow base this one also stays put during my working day. Personally I mainly use it as a highlighter under my brows.

The goods: price, packaging, subtle & colours, blends well, no fall-out, versatile in usage

The bads: none I can think off

Honestly, I'm very impressed with Catrice for delivering such a lovely highlighter. This can easily fit into the higher brands category because of the versatile colour. I recommend buying this one, while it's still available...!


BeautyLoves said...

Ik heb ook al aan de verpakking van Shu moeten denken! Zeker de blushes hebben er veel van weg.

Evelien said...

Ja, die ook. De mono's en de blushes. Vandaar misschien ook dat we de uitstraling ervan appreciëren door Shu.

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