Thursday, 9 September 2010

Product Praise: Mylène bain mousse à la Rose

About a year ago a friend of mine invited me to her Mylène evening, filled with beauty products. My mother knew the brand by name but no specific products, both of us were really curious. The representative from Mylène was a really nice lady, she went over some products with us - passed them - and afterwards if we saw something on the list that we found interesting she would dive in her suitcase to get it... They have a lot of products and going over everything step by step is just plain boring.

I bought a few products, as I was still sceptical, but one of them got my major attention as I immediately fell in love with it... bain mousse à la Rose. While talking about their path products she passed on samples of the different foams (they also have lavendel and so on), I smelled this one and said: got to have it!

The product comes in a box, displaying roses and purplepink font. In the box is the glass bottle, which is done to preserve the ingredients and the scent better. You pay 15,10euro for 500ml, which is cheap because... I bought this bottle last year (it was filled almost to the top) , have used it multiple times each month and you see the result - still have a lot left, 1/3. The product is really concentrated, if you open it the scent of the roses comes up and is really strong, but as you only need a tiny amount of it the scent becomes lighter and oh so delicious when put into your bath. It has a pink satin colour, again roses. And it foams up in bath just the way I want it - I like big foamy baths. It leaves my skin feeling soft, it doesn't dry it out as much as other foam products do but afterwards I still need to put on body lotion/butter as I have dry skin.

If you're a fan of roses, check this product. I can no longer live without it. Available through Mylène representatives, you can check their website.


Loeder said...

Klinkt erg goed!

Evelien said...

Ja, het is zalig... krijg al zin in een bad!

Martje said...

Oeehh ik vind Lait de bain Isabella heel erg lekker, maar ken geen Mylene-consulente hier in de buurt. Had de fles via via gekrgene, en dat pad loopt nu dood :( Zo jammer, hoop em ooit nog eens te krijgen, deze rozen zou ik ook zo proberen heerlijk :)

Evelien said...

Mmm die ken ik niet, volgende keer eens ruiken dan. Ik wil je altijd de gegevens van mijn consulente doorgeven, misschien dat ze je kan verder helpen? Stuur me dan een mailtje, linksboven staat het adres.

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