Saturday, 15 January 2011

Beautypedia - free!

The beautyworld can often be compared to politics. Every brand as a party is doing their campaign and wants as many voices as possible. To influence these voices they use all sort of claims, going from halftruths to crazy stuff. So we have to be carefull on which claims we trust and put our hope into... Sadly enough the beautyworld is a crowded place in which you get lost easily, because of the lack of guidance...

This is where Paula Begoun comes in: years ago she decided to put down reviews of products and see whether their claims hit ground because we, consumers, are often in the dark. Over the years she has grown more and more, releasing her reviews and knowledge in books such as the one above. It contains a massive amount of information going from ingredients to skin types to brands and lots of reviews... I also have a copy of this book (took the pic from a dutch blog) and can honestly state I've learned a lot from it. Her reviews are mostly based on the ingredients of a product.

She also has a website called beautypedia where you can read these reviews online, normally it's only available for members who pay a fee but now it's FREE untill the end of february. Be sure to check upon your favorite products and see whether she finds them worthy too!

On a sidenote: don't trust her advice blindly (she also has her own skincare line, which she promotes). It's nice and interesting to check upon her opinions but everyone still has different skin which reacts differently. If you feel truly good about a product, don't hold back by what you might read.


Perfectly Unordinary said...

Handige site! Ik heb er al eens op zitten rondsurfen, kende het voordien nog niet.

Evelien said...

Ah zoveel te beter dan, staat veel nuttige informatie op, veel leesplezier!

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