Friday, 14 January 2011

Loving a discount haul

In January it's discount-time and I couldn't resist off course so I picked up a few things :)

A shirt in veil, which is surely more appropriate for spring but it was on 50% discount in Esprit so I felt like I needed it badly. It's gorgeous in real life with shades of blue, purple, green and pink in it. I don't owe a shirt in veil yet, but it feels very light and easy to wear.

Next up I also paid a visit to IciParis, the perfume store. I had gotten a 7,5euros discount coupon if I got for 60euros of products. I've been meaning to test out the CP serum by Estee Lauder for some time (it isn't specifically anti-aging, it just contains a lot of antioxidants - don't let names misguide you) and went for that one, but it costed 58euros so I also picked up a body lotion from the stores line in pomegrenate for a few euros. Quite expensive, so it better be worth it :)

What have you bought this month on discount?


PinkFairy said...

Dat serum lijkt me heerlijk, ben er best benieuwd naar!

Evelien said...

Binnen een maand of 2 zal er wel een review v komen, eerst mn ander leegmaken :). Heb er veel goeds over gelezen, dus hopelijk denk ik er net zo over!

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