Thursday, 13 January 2011

Review Avon Supershock eyeliner - bronze

A topic I hadn't covered yet - oh no shame on me - how could I! But here I am, totally making it up to you and talking a bit about eyeliner... Personally, I don't always wear eyeliner - not a specific reason for it now that I think about it, I usually forget to apply it. When putting it on I have to be quite carefull because of my contacts, maybe that's a partial reason to it.

I bought this Avon Supershock (gel) eyeliner in bronze 2 months ago when I saw it being promoted in a catalogue for 5 or 6euros, it's a gorgeous golden brown. I did some research online and learned that it was often recommended, which was enough for me to order.

It looks like any other eyeliner, though it appears to be a bit thicker. At the end of the pencil are silver letters such as the brand, name and lasting time (24months). Looks fancy enough for me.

When I first used this eyeliner I was a bit shocked, it was very creamy and very pigmented. The swatch on my hand are 2 light strokes or 1 heavy stroke. The colour is gorgeous, brown with golden sparkles in it that aren't too much for a daily look... Sadly enough, the sparkles don't get picked up by the camera, check this look for a more accurate view of this eyeliner. It applies easily and stays put all day long without any trouble, I love that it doesn't fade.

I've already had to sharpen the pencil a few times and this is the downside to it: because it is creamy it's difficult to get a sharp "pencil" end to it and this dissapears after 2 days of usage. Then you get an end like in the picture above, which is quite thick and trickier to apply. I prefer a thin line and that's not easy with such a big end.

The goods: beautifull colour, creamy, pigmented, price is ok

The bads: hard to keep in proper shape for a thin line, tricky to apply

Apart from the tiny downside I'm a fan of this eyeliner, I love the colour a lot. I'll surely be looking for a dupe when this one will start to run out. This eyeliner is also available in black and silver, which I recently bought (but haven't used just yet!). If you use a similar colour to this eyeliner, do let me know...


beckiangel44 said...

lovely colour! I have it in black but may just pick this one up :) xo

Evelien said...

Good idea, do you also have the same problem with it?

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