Monday, 17 January 2011

Mylène haul

Today just a quickie, got a busy lovely weekend with the bf :), I finally got a hold on my goods from a Mylène evening from a couple of weeks ago, mainly because of snow and freezing stuff. I'm still exploring their range but have already come across a few destined to be all-time-favourites:

*original oil: supposedly one of their best products, especially for dry skin which will revive and nurture your skin - even your hair if the claims are true, we'll see about that
*bain de rose: which I've already talked about and love (I'm almost out of my old one)
*foot scrub: I bought one last year and it's one of the best scrubs I've ever used, I use it once a week - it makes my feet so soft, I still have a bit left in my old one - will be putting up a review of thise one soon (such a shame it's in a jar)
*not on the picture but I also bought this: a pillow mist with a herbal scent for a dreamy good night

Have you purchased/used anything from Mylène in the meantime?


pimpernell said...

Oh, het is al zolang geleden dat ik nog eens naar een demonstratie van Mylene geweest ben !!!!

Al zou ik er graag nog eens in de toekomst naartoe gaan want enkele van mijn mylene favo's zijn aan het op raken!

Enkele aanraders: - After Bath Emulsion
- voetcreme
- eau de parfum lait isabella
- Bolero bodybutter
en ofcourse het de rozenbadschuim, waarvan ik zie dat je hem aangekocht hebt :-)

Astrid said...

Nice stuff!
Ik heb een reactie achtergelaten bij je blogsale, heb je die gezien?

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