Monday, 3 January 2011

Budget Review Sanex Dermo sensitive roll-on

On todays menu a topic I haven't talked about yet, but that doesn't mean it isn't of less matter to me. I enjoy pampering myself and smelling good, I hate it when people pass you by or sit next to you with an overwhelming stank, yuk. But on the other hand, I also have sensitive skin so I need to take care of what I put on, I usually use mild deodorants and prefer roll-ons to sprays as I found out that sprays irritate me more. I picked this one by Sanex up in a big shop, but it's almost available everywhere in Europe. It costed a few euros and contains 50ml.
Now Sanex Dermo Sensitive can give you protection 24 hours a day. Sanex Dermo Sensitive banishes body odour whilst letting skin breath. Dermatologically tested, with 0% alcohol, it contains lactoserum, an ingredient rich in milk proteins and gives greater care to delicate skin.

Funny fact is that this roll-on is a little bit different than other roll-ons. Usually the rolling part is on the top, with Sanex it's the other way around. This gives you a huge benefit as when it's beginning to empty you don't need to put it on its head and be carefull where you put it or otherwise it will fall. You are able to use full potential of the 50ml inside it. It doesn't contain alcohol, again a big plus in my eyes. It does contain perfume but it's on the lower part of the ingredient list so normally it wouldn't botter you that much.

It has a clean and fresh scent to it which reminds me most of flowers. When applying it, it sinks fast into your skin and leaves it moisturized and soft afterwards. It didn't irritate me at all. The scent doesn't stay put all day off course and I don't think it gives you 24h protection. When I put it on before going to work, it will do its job during the day. But I can't say the same for when you workout or anything like that: then you would need to reapply it.

The goods: nice scent, no alcohol, moisturizing, special system, low price

The bads: doesn't give 24h protection, reapplication is needed depending on activities

This is a good deodorant that I've enjoyed using and will most likely buy again, but maybe in another scent. It certainly delivers value for its money. Sanex offers a wide range of deodorants that's worth a peek into :)


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