Monday, 10 January 2011

Budget Review Yves Rocher shower gel - florida orange

Everyone has their little shopping guilty pleasure thing, one of mine is shower gels... It has gone a bit too far, I've decided to put myself on a ban and am not allowed to buy any more shower gels untill I only have 1 or 2 left. Honestly, I probably have enough shower gels to use throughout this entire year... So far I'm succeeding and have almost finished this one - which I got as a freebie in the store -, one down only 5 or so more to go!!

Enjoy a moment of refreshing, stimulating pleasure under the shower with this gel!Florida oranges are renowned for their sweet, abundant juice. This delightful gel forms a lush lather, bursting with the energizing freshness of sunkissed oranges.When temperatures rise, refresh yourself with this invigorating scent!After the shower, your skin is soft and supple and imbued with the delicious scent of Florida Orange.

The packaging is simple and plastic with on orange top and sticker with oranges on it, nothing too fancy but nothing I didn't expect from a budget gel anyway. The lid doesn't open easily, this is a bit of a turnoff, after more usage it goes a bit better. Distribution of the -orange- gel is easy with the tiny hole in the top, with a good squeak you get enough of product for your entire body. It smells a lot like oranges but there's a tiny artificial scent to it when you sniff the bottle, but it doesn't disturb me while using it. The ingredient list looks good: doesn't contain alcohol - which is often the case with budget items - or parabens, however it does contain sulfates.

I've been using it for the last couple of weeks and it gets the job done: it cleanses your body but apart from that it doesn't do anything else such as add moisture or whatever claim you choose. Just a basic gel like I expected. As I mentioned above, I got this one as a freebie - if you want to buy it in the store it costs about 2-3euros for 200ml. But they do offer it often as a freebie with purchase if you're interested.

The goods: price, ingredients, does what a shower gel must do

The bads: opening lid, hint of artificial scent

I would buy this gel again, but in a different scent then. This orange one was ok but it didn't wow me over. If you like budget items and shower gels,you should check out this line - I'm sure you'll find something to your likings!


PinkFairy said...

Ik ben fan van Yves Rocher douchegels! Ze zijn allemaal super goed. Je moet eens een keer die met koffie uitproberen (als je ervan houdt), wat een geur!!! Ik moet weer eens deze douchegels aanschaffen... :P

Evelien said...

Ja, ik hou zeker van koffie maar het lijkt me wel wat raar om me ermee te wassen? Volgende keer eens aan ruiken (hoewel ik er geen mag kopen, maar mss weer gratis)!

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