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Review Nuxe - Nirvanesque range

Nuxe has already been talked about on The brand, but today I'm going a bit deeper into this particular brand and let you know my thoughts on this one.

Nirvanesque is the first expression lines care, aiming at end 20's, early 30's - not entirely my category yet, but due to my dry skin I'm really prone to expression lines (such a eufemism for wrinkles you know) as is why I wanted to try this line. Products are mid range priced, the cream (normal or dry skin) costs about 30euro for 50ml and the eye cream costs about 17euro for 15ml.

An innovative plant-based solution to reduce first wrinkles: Reinforced “Floral Neuro-Cosmetics”. This exclusive NUXE concept containing Blue Lotus and Poppy Seeds and Althea Root, with their strong smoothing properties, put your skin and mind in a fantastic mood. Your face is glowing with youth and your skin’s radiance is restored.

Wow, they are really trying to cheer you up to make sure your inner peace is restored although you're obsessing over your aging skin. I like the idea that the cream is based on plants and flowers, they remind me of summer and happy times. The cheering up factor is already hitting in *smiles*...

I've used the Crème Nirvanesque normal (jar 50ml) and the Nirvanesque Eye Contour (tube 15ml). Let's have a look at their claims:

The cream:

Effective by nature: “gentle” care to smooth away first expression lines. Intensely relaxed, your skin is radiant and wrapped in a feeling of extreme well-being.
Precious BENEFITS for my skin: your skin is instantly relaxed, smoothed, radiant and very soft. Fine lines and first wrinkles are significantly reduced.
Star active INGREDIENTS: 3 EXCLUSIVE NUXE PATENTS A combination of three active principles: Blue Lotus Seeds (double concentration), Poppy Seeds and Althea Root for a wonderfully smoothing and relaxing effect. Acmella relaxes muscles with its de-stressing action. Calmosensine® intensely de-stresses your skin and Pigweed Proteins wrap you in extreme softness.

The eye contour cream:

Effective by nature: a delicate, non-greasy, non-sticky emulsion for 1stlines and dark circles, based on Floral Neuro-Cosmetics. It has been specifically developed for this fragile area and is hypoallergenic.
Precious BENEFITS for my skin: this eye contour treatment acts on 3 levels: action on 1st expression lines, immediate smoothing effect and instant erasing of dark circles.Supporting evidence:
- Eye contour is smoothed: +79.27%*
- Dark cirlces are erased: +67.44%*
- Immediate effectiveness on 1st expression lines 2hrs after application:
- Number of wrinkles: -18.85%** - Total wrinkle length: -30.88%** - Total wrinkle surface: -32.83%*** Usage test carried out under dermatological supervision on 33 volunteers over 28 days - Self-evaluation** Usage test carried out under dermatological supervision on 33 volunteers - Wrinkle analysis taken using imprints
Star active INGREDIENTS: hyaluronic Acid fills fine lines and wrinkles, Amaranth smoothes the epidermis for a rested look. Optical pigment correctors have an instant action against dark circles, masking blemishes and leaving you looking radiant. The patented trio of active ingredients by NUXE (Blue Lotus Seeds, Mallow Root and Poppy Seeds) reduces muscle contractions, leaving the skin looking relaxed.

The cream has a rich thick texture and the eye cream has the wrong name to it, it's more a gel. Both product have the same scent: a very heavy present floral one, it takes some getting used to but I like it, I can't make out which flowers it could be. Fragrance obviously has been added to both products, it's more or less halfway on the ingredients list. After being opened products should be used within 6 months.

When spreading both products we see that the cream has a rich texture and the eye cream has a gel texture. Both products spread easily. And if you take a good look you can see that the eye cream has little sparkles in it, to add more radiance to the eye area.

My thoughts:

Cream: When I initially bought this cream my skin type leaned more towards normal then dry but over the last months it has become drier (due to medication and such). This cream is quite rich, but not rich enough for my skin at the moment. It spreads easily and sinks in quite fast. I needed a lot of product to get my skin sufficiently moisturized. I've only used this cream at night. It comes in a milk glass jar, which looks lovely but isn't practical, I prefer tubes to preserve the ingredients and it's more hygienic as well. The cream is aimed for your first expression lines, which -sadly- I have a few from popping up. Did this cream do anything to stop them? No, not really. I've experienced this cream as a basic moisturizer that makes my skin soft, I've enjoyed using it and am nearly out of it but it's nothing special. I expected more from it considering its name and price. It's also available in an "enriched" version for dry skin, if I can get a hold of a sample I might try it but I have no intention of purchasing it based on this cream.

Eye cream: When I bought this eye cream, it was just released and was available at a discount price. I loved the fact that it comes in a tube, good thinking! As said above, this isn't a cream but a gel. I prefer to use a gel in the morning and a cream in the evening but this one doesn't contain SPF to use in the morning so I've used it from time to time in the evening. It contains a lot of tiny sparkles that in certain lighting gives hints of shimmer and reflects. When applying this around your eyes it has a lovely radiance effect to it, which makes it more appropriate to use during the day. My eye area is also quite dry and this gel isn't that moisturizing so once again, I needed a lot of product to get the desired effect. This product is also aimed to smooth out your expression lines and battles dark circles. Now, I don't have any of those two so I can't really comment on its effectiveness but like the cream I doubt this gel would be moisturizing enough to smooth out your expression lines. Once again, this is more a basic eye cream that lacks SPF to make it suitable as a good day eye cream and it should be renamed into "eye gel". Positive note are the tiny sparkles in it, I've never seen this before in an eye cream, quite unique.

This is a basic line that is OK for normal skin, if you're willing to spend the money on it but I wouldn't recommend it if you're looking for an expression line cream.


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i just bought the eye contour cream, and i sure hope that it will do what it promises!

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