Friday, 3 September 2010

Never again: SKII Essence

High end brands, who doesn't want them in their stash? Often you come across the most beautiful things but off course at a price. I love high end brands and if products are getting praised, a little voice inside me comes out and says "me wants wants wants". I think you all know the feeling. More than half a year ago I came across the brand SKII and it kept on popping up. The brand is really expensive and one of the most spoken products is their "treatment essence", which is a kind of serum. So I gave in -I'm weak- and ordered a bottle, the smallest one 75ml, through strawberrynet, as it's not available over here (luckily with some discount codes).

Skin Balancing Essence. Women everywhere are so passionate about Facial Treatment Essence that they describe it as their 'holy water.' Pitera, the seemingly magical ingredient found in all SK-II products, helps restore vital balance by promoting the skin's natural 28-day surface renewal process. This singular blend of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids produces a seemingly miraculous rebirth of skin's appearance. Over 90% pure Pitera, Facial Treatment Essence is the 'heart' of every SK-II skincare ritual. Rely on it daily to moisturize instantly, and renew skin's surface for a smoother texture. Skin absorbs the benefits almost on contact. The result is supple, smooth, radiant skin.

The bottle came in a red packaging but I no longer have it... The bottle is made from milkglass, which adds a bit to the high end status and a silver top. On the back of the bottle are some Japanese words, probably instructions and stuff. When opening we come across the opening that a lot of toners have (how is this called - anyone leave a comment if you know - I have no clue, English isn't my mother language you know).

The product has a really weird smell to it, which I don't like. I can't put my finger on it but it smells like really weak vinegar. When using this product I put a bit into my hands and then rub it into my face. I've used this product like I use serums, morning and evening before my moisturizer. The product goes on smooth and sinks in quite fast. My skin doesn't feel more moisturized or hydrated after using this. I've used it for quite some time as I would with any new product (the bottle is half), a couple of months I believe but I didn't experience smoother radiant skin. When I banned this out of my routine, nothing changed, my skin is still the same as before.

This product reminds me most of those summer sprays but at an insanely high price. When you put it on you feel a bit refreshed but that's it. I don't want to pay this much for a refreshment so my advice is to stay away from this one...

I don't know if their entire line is the same as this one but through my experience I don't want to try more... Do you know this line and what are your experiences with it?


Perfectly Unordinary said...

Ik heb nog nooit van dit merk gehoord! En na jouw review heb ik er ook geen zin in :)

Evelien said...

Dat begrijp ik :) Ik wou dat ik er ook nooit v gehoord had.

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