Friday, 24 September 2010

Brands: OPI

I've already talked about skin care and make-up brands I use but not yet about polishes. I hardly think this will come as a surprise but OPI is most present in my stash of polishes. You've already seen some of them featured in NOTD but I owe more than just those ones. Come to think of it, I don't know why I have so many OPI and so few others. When I began growing my nails -I used to be a stubborn biter- I guess I mostly ran into OPI on blogs and only looked at these polishes. As of recently I've also started purchasing Essie and China Glaze - I must say that Essie is growing on me and I already have a list compiled of their colours for my next orders, they offer great nudes.

Apart from my early love for OPI I also like their brushes, which are wider than others, especially the prowide brushes. They make it so much easier to apply polish perfectly. Essie on the other hand has really small brushes and can be quite tricky to apply. The bottle of OPI is ok, nothing special - I like Essie bottles more but it's not that important since you're not tossing around the bottle on your nails ;)

I have 2 shimmers: Pearls night out, Give me the moon - both can be applied alone or over another polish. In the middle is Chip Skip, which is supposed to prevent your nails from chipping and I also have their natural base coat, along with the top coat.

Nudes (my favourite colour and yet I don't have that many of them): Makes men blush, Alone at last, Sand in my suit, Bubble Bath, Canberra't without you

Pinks: Kiss on the chic, Pink of hearts 2, Princesses Rule, Aphrodite's Pink Nightie, La Paz-etively Hot Matte

Various: What's with cattitude, Suzi says feng shui, Sea ya later sailor, Rumple's wiggin, Done out in deco, Peach-a-boo, Over the taupe

If there's a colour you'd like to see a NOTD of, let me know as I don't always think of taking a picture of my nails after applying a new polish... OPI must have colour tips are also welcome ;) as I cannot have too many polishes!


mysterious.brunette said...

dat is al een mooie collectie!

Perfectly Unordinary said...

Nice! Ik vind OPI ook echt geweldig!

Evelien said...

Dankje :) ja ze lakken zo lekker he!

Tessa said...

zozo wat een collectie! ik heb maar 3 lakjes van opi ofzo :)

Evelien said...

ik een 1,5 jaar geleden ook hoor :) het groeit

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