Thursday, 5 August 2010

Brands: Nuxe

A new category today! In "Brands" I'll show you which brands are numerous in my stash of skincare/make up/etc... If you come across something you'd like a review on, by all means let me know and I'll make sure it pops up in the next week.

For my first article on this one I chose a French brand, I love French pharmaceutical brands - my bathroom is inhibited by them you know-. This one is called "Nuxe" and I came across it a bit more than a year ago while I was shopping and browsing around a new pharmaceutical store. During this period I've already tried a lot of their products. In the video underneath you can find some information and have a glance at the products.

It all started in 1957, when a Paris pharmacist with a fascination for phytotherapy and aromatherapy founded NUXE. In 1989, Aliza Jabès took over the brand and did her best to revive a pioneering cosmetological concept combining nature, health and beauty. Aliza Jabès’ unchallenged passion for plants combined with a gifted anticipation of women needs allowed NUXE to become a unique brand, with strong beliefs in its roots and authenticity.The numerous awards received by NUXE over the years are here to tell the tale of a brand integrity praised by both professionals and consumers. NUXE is a subtle combination between Nature and Luxe (Luxury).

Let's have a look at my products:
Moisturizers: Creme etincelante, Creme fraiche, Creme nirvanesque, Nirvanesque eye cream

Cleansing: Eau de mousse micellaire 3 roses, Masque frais hydratant, Lait demaquillant 3 roses, Lotion Tonique 3 roses

Others: Huile Prodigieuse (their most famous product), Lip balm - see my review-, Baume Prodigieuse SPF 15


Do you know this brand? Do you have any products of it?
Is there something you'd like to try out?

PS: I'm going to include a Nuxe product in my goodiebag giveaway once we're at 20!


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