Monday, 27 September 2010

Budget Review Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Stick SPF15

Time for another look in my -too much present- lipbalm stash, I'm putting myself on a no-buy-balm until I have finished at least 2 or 3... Months ago I bought this highly recommended lip balm from Elizabeth Ardens 8 hour range. It's not available where I live so I bought it from a website in the UK for a few euros, budgetproof. You can buy this in a pot or in a stick, I opted for the stick this time as it also has an SPF of 15, I'm always pro-SPF. It came in a beautifull 80s purple packaging (still available, wasn't limited), I like how it looks - almost like a fun lipbalm :)

Eight Hour Cream Vintage 1980's Lip Protectant Stick Remember the outrageous punk rock movement of the eighties? Raw music and dance rhythms, brightly-colored Mohawks, torn jeans, ripped fishnet stockings and safety pins. Now you can capture the fun and high spirits of this retro scene with Eight Hour Cream 1980's Celebration of the Decades Collection.With its gritty silkscreen graphics and torn up typography, this collection is inspired by the raw energy of the punk design movement. The neon bright carton, accented by colorful and chaotic imagery, houses a frosted glass jar with a customized punk cap. You'll want to dive right into your Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant, the original formula of ultra-moisturizing petrolatum, vitamin E and re-texturizing beta-hydroxy acid and relive the days. It smooths, soothes, heals and protects dry skin. The Lip Protectant Stick SPF 15 echoes the same fun punk style in a rockin' hot pink tube.The Eight Hour Cream Celebration of the decades has time-traveled through the decades to the punk rock eighties. How time flies when you're treating your skin to Eight Hour Cream.

The lip stick opens like any other would, easy for a quick application. The stick has a lightpeachy kinda seethrough colour, but when applied it looks colourless and just adds a layer of shine to your lips. Immediately after opening the stick, the scent becomes highly noticable. It has quite a heavy scent that I don't like, best described as chemical. I hoped this would wear off after using it, but it doesn't. The scent is still as present as in the beginning.

The stick applies easily and leaves a small clear film on your lips that's not too greasy. Just like the scent, it doesn't taste good either - again a bit chemical. It isn't as moisturizing as I hoped it would be (I have normal to dry lips), this stick is best used during the day when you're outdoors and want to having something on your lips along with a protective SPF.

I'm not repurchasing this one due to the smell, I can't get used to it... If you like the smell, this is a good stick to use during the day because of its SPF but apart from that it's nothing special.


Loeder said...

Ik heb precies dezelfde hihi, vind het luchtje ervan wel lekker :D

Evelien said...

Zo zie je maar, voor iedereen anders :), voor de rest is het een goed product.

Perfectly Unordinary said...

Geur is zo persoonlijk hè! Maar als het niet goed ruikt, gebruik ik het ook niet graag.

snooze. said...

Het ziet er wel funky uit! Stiekem ga'k hem toch proberen misschien..

Evelien said...

Hij is niet zo duur, dus ga ervoor!

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