Monday, 13 September 2010

NOTD Essie Body Language

Starring another Essie polish, my 2nd one ever, but I'm very keen on ordering more of them. About a month ago I ordered my first Essie polish, being Van d'Go and I let this one tag along because I saw some nice pictures of it. I really like their bottles, so tiny and cute as is the brush.

Again I used 2 layers. 1 layer already offers good coverage but with 2 you get the "full" effect. It goes on easy, doesn't streak.

In the bottle it looks like a greybrown colour, as it does on your nails. But depending on the lighting it looks more lightgrey or lightbrown. It's one of those colours that is hardly impossibly to get right on camera. I absolutely love it and have already worn it several times. If you like nudes, get it!


snooze. said...

Oehhh, loving this!

Sarah said...

Ik ben jaloerrrrs op jou nagelssss

Evelien said...

Bedankt ;) ben er erg blij mee ook!

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