Wednesday, 1 September 2010

NOTD Canberra't Without You

For this NOTD I'm going back to OPI, which still is my favourite nail polish brand and most present in my stash, although Essie is making an impression on me to order more. With my last order, I included "Canberra't without you" because I read multiple times that this was a musthave nude and if it's nude it has to be in my stash!

In the bottle it looks like a creambeigepink with shimmers, really lovely... But when I put it on my nails it was just water - very very sheer! I applied 3 generous coats and you can still see it doesn't provide enough coverage - I didn't have time/patience to do a 4th coat but to be honest I don't like the fact that I have to apply this many coats to get the desired effect.

The colour looks more beige than pink on my nails, which I like. But the shimmers don't show up like silver sparkles as you can see - I can describe them best as white sparkles which I don't like, it almost looks like those nasty bubbles you can get in your polish. I don't know if this effect continues with more coats.
Overall, I'm not too pleased with this colour. I'll give it another go with more coats but I don't have high hopes for it... If I compare this to my other nudes like "Sand in my suit" or "Makes men blush", I'm really dissapointed in OPI. What do you think?


pimpernell said...

Wat een mooie nagels heb je zeg !!!!!! Zijn die naturel?

Evelien said...

Ja, dat is 100% naturel - ze zijn erg sterk, ben er heel tevreden van. Iedereen vraagt altijd of ik gelnagels heb en reageren vervolgens verbaasd als ik dat zeg. :)

Loeder said...

Mooi nagels idd zeg!!

Perfectly Unordinary said...

Mooi kleurtje! En ja, fantastische nagels!

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