Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Never again: Avon Color Trend Eyeshadow

In one of my last Avon hauls I picked up a set of creamy eyeshadows from Color Trend. They were on offer for 3euros and because they looked so cute with their heartshapes I couldn't resist. There were 2 different colour sets available, I picked up the neutral one called Pastel Passion. And I suddenly realised this was my first article on eyeshadows, whoops...

It comes in a paper box with hearts on top of it. The eyeshadowbox is made from plastic and looks really cheap but for such a price I didn't expect fancy stuff. The name has been put on top, along with 3 hearts in black, it looks good. The eyeshadows have been placed in heartshapes and looks really adorable. The hearts aren't big (just compare with the standard brush you receive) but they go deeper than expected. The brush is total rubbish but you already may have guessed that.

Three gorgeous shades of creamy eyeshadow to help you make ‘look-at-me’ eyes.

Swatching this product wasn't easy as I needed a lot of it to get this desired effect. Application was really hard because it doesn't distribute evenly. But I liked how it looked on my hands, even though it contains a lot of shimmer so I also tried it on my eyes and that wasn't a succes story, I'll tell you why.
If you apply these colours really thick like above everything is great but as soon as you start sweeping your brush around or start blending it all falls apart and you just get a load of shimmer as you can see above. It's hardly impossible to tell that you've used 3 different colours. Apart from that it doesn't have a long lasting effect, which I really expect from a cream eyeshadow. Avon has a way of discontinueing a lot of their products - especially good ones, well, hopefully they are smart this time and do the same thing with this one.

I would never buy this again, this product only qualifies as a toy for young girls to play with. It's not expensive but there are far more better eyeshadow products out there for the same price.


mysterious.brunette said...

't is altijd zo'n hit or miss met die dingen he...

Evelien said...

ja inderdaad, dat wel - bij deze gewaarschuwd ;)

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