Thursday, 16 September 2010

Haul from Avon

I saw I had some new lovely followers, which makes me happy - welcome girls. My new Avon order came in and I must admit, I behaved myself and didn't order much, all of these things were at discount prices... Let's have a look shall we?

First up I ordered some hand creams, Avon offers several handcreams - most of them really cheap, in promotion about 2euros for 125ml - so I stock up on them quite regularly. This time I ordered a glycerine hand cream with citrus and vitamin E, along with one that has african shea butter in it (sidenote - I love shea butter). A review of the different hand creams surely is coming. You can also see white gloves to use at night - I put on a thick layer of hand cream, put the gloves on and wake up with wellmoisturized hands, I do this whenever I feel my hands are in need of it.
Then an african shea butter body scrub, my first body scrub from Avon, high hopes for it as it contains shea butter. Bottle is only 150ml, I expected it to be bigger but I'm sure it will last me long enough. With it I got a free bath scrunchie, we'll see how that one turns out - it doesn't look like much.
Random stuff: soap from senses in the scent aloha, supposed to be exotic - again my first soap from this brand -, a roll-on deo of cucumber & melon (new product) and a detangling comb. Avon combs look really stylish at a fraction of a price, this wasn't even 2euros.

Lastly the make-up stuff: a lip liner in colour rich ginger, perfect for nudes and a lipstick at a big discount from color trend - iced champink.

Something you want me to ponder about, let me know...


pimpernell said...

Wat een leuke haul ! Ben benieuwd naar de reviews :-)

Ik delete 'te per ongeluk je mailtje waar je de Avon brochure bijstak, kan je me die aub opnieuw sturen?


Gaby said...

Great haul! I love most of Avon skincare products, but I can't say much about their makeup x=

Evelien said...

Pimpernell: al gebeurd :)

Gaby: I haven't tried much of their skincare yet (currently I'm using an eye cream of theirs which will get a review soon) which products do you use then?, I love their bath stuff though - I don't have much make-up from them either - just a few things, some stuff is good others isn't

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