Saturday, 4 September 2010

Haul of fashion

I've changed the look of the blog a bit... The sidecolumns with the lost space were really bugging me and this way I have more room for pictures and even more rambling thoughts from me. I've kept it really simple, hope you like it!

Sometimes I just crave to shop and this was such a week -shame on me- so I am going to do 2 hauls, fashion & beauty: firstly because it's that much and secondly my post will be too long and I'm lazy... This week I felt the sudden urge to buy clothes and I ran into so many gorgeous things screaming "buy me, how could I say 'no'?". You must know I'm very picky when it comes to clothing - I always think twice, look from every angle, still doubting and such - that's me!

Let's start with the shoe department:

Saturday (which is today in blogposting) I'm going to a wedding from a cousin of mine and I needed new shoes. I already have the perfect dress -a Karen Millen- along with perfect shoes that are not meant to walk/dance in, just for sitting and being pretty. So my mission was to get fashionable classic black shoes with a hint of comfort to them. I found these lovely ones in New Look, for only 18euros, bargain! They look really classy and not cheap at all (which is my most occuring problem with cheap shoes, they often look like plastic!)

I also went to "La Botega", one of my favourite shoe stores that carries a lot of brands and I spotted the perfect winter boots untill I spotted the price. I can't justify myself spending 235euros on boots so I continued looking and found the new comfy slippers range... I always wear slippers indoor, right now I wear ballet slippers but when it's getting colder I like those comfy ones. Last year I wanted to buy new one but by the time I went looking for them all the pretty & comfy ones were sold out. So when I saw all those slippers the mental note I made to myself came back, saying buy now for within a month or so... Right now it's 22° and I'm buying comfy slippers, yeah whatever... I usually buy SCAPA ones because I find them to be the softest and they last the longest on me. They had the regular pattern with just the name on them and this cute little tiger. They look so adorable don't they and supersoft as well...

Next I went to Mango and bought a lot of clothes, starting with two T-shirts. The first one is a pinkbeige colour with a satin touch to it (it looks quite big but my hair covers most of it so it's not too much) and a beige shirt with pretty shoulder touches. Both look really fresh when you're wearing them.

And lastly (still Mango): a light beige vest again with special shoulders and a beige blouse with a special pattern on the arms...

Pweh, that was the fashion part. Anything you would buy yourself?


Loeder said...

ohh dat shirtje van Mango is leuk met die ruches!

Evelien said...

Ja, is ook mijn favoriet eruit. Ze hadden 'm ook in het blauw (marinekleur), maar niet meer in mn maat :(

Diana said...

Shirtje van Mango = liefde <3

Prinses Prikbordje said...

Dat eerste shirtje is errug leuk! Mooie kleur ook.

Evelien said...

Dankje, ben zelf superblij met mn aankopen!

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