Monday, 6 September 2010

I went shopping and...

So you know I did some major shopping last week and here's to the beauty stuff I got... It's going to be one long post girls filled with my rambling thoughts :) you can also browse the pictures!

First up I went to IciParis. A couple of weeks ago I'd gotten a sample of the Vitalumiere -shade clair/cameo- and I really loved it (yes, as much as my Laura Merciers moisturizer) so I bought a bottle to see how it goes in the long run. Long run foundations can cause little breakouts for me, let's hope it's not the case with this one. And next to it you can see another sample and it is something I've been longing to get for some time but had never gotten because they didn't have it in stock or salesladies were just plain rude and refused it. It's the Creme de La Mer, yes I'm brandloving again, can't help it.

I also went to Yves Rocher, as I had a coupon code for a free shower gel. Most scents were already gone but I picked up the orange scent, literally smelling like an orange when you open it. I also bought a tiny bottle of Framboise perfume - lovely to just spray around or use when I don't have anything significant to do... I adore sweet scents.

From Creme de La Mer to Cetaphil, the other edge! I've read about this brand occasionally (firstly on belledujour who has a lovely youtube channel and as we share the same skin type I try to take mental notes of her advice), then while browsing my favourite skincare store, I saw they had it in stock for 10euros/each, couldn't resist picking it up. I bought the cleanser and the cream, initially I wanted the lotion but they didn't have it available. These are also the small packaging, a larger one is available but I wanted to try it first to see if I like it. I like the packaging, simple and effective - I'm not a jar lover.

I also popped into Kruidvat (drugstore) and got a nail polish corrector from Essence. I'm quite neat while putting on polish but I like to have it laying around just in case I want to change my nails for something special and if I'm in a hurry I tend to rush and be not so neat - this is convenient then. I got a lipgloss from Sun club Essence - peachy colour. And lastly a lipstick from Catrice called Gentle Nude - hey, what colour did you expect. All products are budgetproof and cost more or less 2euros/each.

Still same shop and something I value highly are my teeth... A big bright smile is really important to an impeccable look. They had an offering of Elmex 2 + 1 free, stashing time. In the middle you can see a special tube for intensive cleaning, ought to be used 1-2 times a week and is especially for discolorations. Now I only have one bad habit and that is coffee... I like drinking 1-2 cups a day which is not that bad but it causes discolorations -not liking-. Giving it a go, it wasn't expensive. I also bought a new brush, a soft sensitive one and I'm really going to emphasise on how important it is that you use a SOFT brush for your teeth. In most stores they only have hard/medium available but they aren't good. A soft brush is essential for your gum to keep them in optimal shape. When using a harder brush you are decreasing your gums, this isn't noticeable soon but will in a few years time. So use a soft brush, it cleanses as good as a hard one!

Still same store, they also had a GOSH offering 2 + 1 free. And I'm thrilled: I finally got a hold of the GOSH Darling lipstick. Everytime I look for it, it's sold out, it's been bugging me for ages but now I finally have one - by accident may I add as it was stacked in another colour pile -. I also bought an eyeshadow quad in neutral and an eyeliner in brown, suiting the quad.

Onto the Rituals store, from which I got a 20% coupon from my mom. I bought the hand scrub and hand cream in Ginkgo's Secret with the most delicious scent. In the middle is a bottle of massage oil in organic White Lotus, a really clean and fresh scent. Something to spoil my bf with, need to take care of him as well ;)

In Blokker I bought the "Food Friend", been meaning to get one for some time to accompany my feet ritual before I pop into bath... I should take more care of my feet, I try to and always have good intentions but often fail to commit to it...

As you know my latest serum wasn't a succes, damn SKII so I needed a new one and took this home with me, it has a bit of a price tag though. I've used it in the past and was quite happy with it, wonder if this still applies. It's a radiance serum (radiance hello got my attention) from Caudalie, a line from which I've used products before with mixed feelings - some are good, others aren't. Oh and the bottle is also so adorable, don't you think. Looks great on any shelf...

And lastly the postman also came with an ebay parcel containing NARS the multiple in Orgasm. When I was in London I swatched this and put it on my cheeks, it looked lovely but I wanted to hold on as I couldn't buy everything I wanted. I couldn't stop thinking about it later one so I gave in - again - and got it, hopefully I'll also love it in the long run.

That's it, I should put myself on a ban now, this was way too much! If there's anything you'd like to know more about, be sure to let me know.


Loeder said...

wow lekkere spullen allemaal, ben vooral benieuwd naar nars, hebt toevallig laatst zelf superorgasm binnen gekregen van ebay...

Evelien said...

Die is nog meer glitter heb ik gehoord :), maar ik vind zo'n stick wel leuk, makkelijk en meeneembaar in mn tas!

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