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Cleanser: Nuxe VS Avène

I've already mentioned that I only cleanse my skin thourougly in the evening due to my dry skin, this works better for me. I prefer to use a milk cleanser. I've used face washes and foams before but they are just too drying for me - I didn't like the way they made my skin feel so I've banned them completely.

When I discovered Nuxe skin care last year while shopping I saw they had a cleansing 3 Roses line. I love them Roses scent, it wasn't too long before I purchased these products. I ran into Avène a couple of months ago when it was mentioned on a blog somewhere (weirdly enough I hadn't come across it sooner because it's supposed to be really popular here in Europe or maybe I just didn't pay that much attention to it) and decided to have a look next time I would go shopping. And I did, off course I came home with some goodies from their line.

Now let's see...
Nuxe - Lait démaquillant:
Effective by nature: a creamy texture fragranced with delicious jasmine notes which gently removes make-up.
Precious benefits for my skin: your face is perfectly cleansed, your skin is supple and comfortable.
Star active ingredients: blended with a soothing and softening natural cocktail of 3 Roses (Red, Black and White) and anti-oxidizing Vitamin E, Hazelnut Oil nourishes and moisturizes, while Orange Floral Water relaxes and calms.

Avène - Lait démaquillant douceur:
Very rich cleanser specially formulated for dry and very dry sensitive skin. Moisturises while cleansing and removing make-up. Contains mild cleansing agents to avoid any irritation. Gently cleanses without altering the skin’s natural protective barrier. A milky formula which leaves skin soft, supple and smooth.

Both products come in a 200ml flacon but have different operating systems. You have to squeeze the Nuxe one, whereas the Avène has a pump. Personally I like a pump more because it's easier to get the proper amount out of it. If you squeeze you have to be carefull and I always tend to get too much product. The downside with a pump mostly is that you waste a lot of product that you can't get out of the bottle BUT the pump from Avène isn't sticky, you can easily take it of the bottle. Both products are priced around 15euros and are available in most pharmacies.

The Nuxe cleanser (left) is obviously thicker than the Avène one (right). Nuxe has a beige colour whereas Avène has a white colour.

While spreading it you see again that the Nuxe is more creamy/thicker.

My thoughts:

Nuxe - This cleanser has a strong scent (fragrance added) and it doesn't remind me that much of roses. Sometimes if my skin is really sensitive, this cleanser isn't soft enough and is irritating (even though the bottle says 'sensitive skin' don't believe what you read). Using the cleanser is easy and it cleanses my skin enough. It doesn't leave my skin dry and works a bit hydrating as well.

Avène - This cleanser has a softer, fresh and clean scent that I really love - subtle. Using the cleanser is easy, it's quite runny, it cleanses my skin enough and leaves it refreshed. I can use this cleanser anytime, it doesn't effect my sensitive skin at all. It doesn't leave my skin dry and works a bit hydrating as well.

Result: My preference clearly goes to the Avène cleanser because of my sensitive skin and the pumpsystem (I love cleansers that support this system). I'm still using the Nuxe cleanser until it's empty but I won't repurchase due to the heavy fragrance and sometimes irritating effect. If you have dry, sensitive skin -like me- I would give this Avène cleanser a go, it's worth it and it isn't too expensive. There is also a gel cleanser available for normal/combination skin.

I still have some cleansers on my wishlist to try, but I think it will be hard for them to top this baby... ;) Do you have/use products from this line?


Anonymous said...

does the avene cleanser work for waterproof makeup?

Evelien said...

I don't use this cleanser on my eyes if you're referring to mascara/eye liner(?), I use a special waterbased one by Bioderma as I have sensitive eyes.

If I wear heavy make-up on my face I use an oilbased cleanser first to remove the heavy traces of makeup and afterwards I use this one for a deeper cleansing but if you only use minimal makeup this one alone will also do its job.

Anonymous said...

well, the thing is that i have a waterproof foundation from estee lauder (i just can't go out without foudation:( and the mozaic powder from avene and this is pretty much the only makeup i wear. I recently bought the extremely gentle cleanser from avene, it's for intolerant skin, but it does nothing to my makeup, i have to stay like one hour to get rid of all my foundation, so i decided that i will only use the cleanser in the morning. Now I want to buy another one to use it at the end of the day and i was wondering if this would work but appearently it wouldn't be enough either.. what oilbased cleanser are you using? or could you recommend me a really good cleanser that removes all makeup perfectly? i would like a bioderma or la roche posay product, i don't have enough money for clinique or else:( thanks a bunch!

Evelien said...

I mostly use the precleanse by dermalogica (oil cleanser) but it's quite expensive as are other products I'm thinking of that could help you, so I have another idea to not spend too much.

If you want something to remove your makeup completely I would advise the Bioderma Sensibio H20 (check my labels), I referred to it above as my eye make-up remover but I've also used it on my full face and it gets rid of it easily. It's a waterbased cleanser, I put it on cotton pads and usually use 2-3 pads for my entire face when I don't use an oil cleanser. Good part is that it's available in 500ml for 18-20euros, which will last quite some time. If you use this to remove your make-up you should still use another cleanser as this one doesn't cleans as deep as others do, you could use your extremely gentle cleanser afterwards. I don't know which skin type you have but if you have normal to dry skin and are not prone to breakouts you can also use the Sensibio in the morning on 1 cotton pad after washing for a basic cleansing instead of the extremely gentle cleanser.

Avene, bioderma and LRP only carry mild cleansers, so you probably won't be able to find a cleanser in these brands that removes your make-up AND cleanses your skin. Hope I've helped!

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