Tuesday, 17 August 2010

NOTD Essie Van d'go

A little while ago I bought my first Essie polishes *joyful* and today I decided to give one of them a go, more specific the color "van d'go" a popular summer color this year. The color can best be described as a coral peach.

I instantely noticed the small brush it comes with, I have a lot of OPI and their brush is much wider. This makes Essie a bit more difficult for me to apply, but I'm sure it's just a matter of time to get it down. The polish itself goes on really smooth and gives great coverage. One coat is already covering your ends up, but I like 2 coats to have a deeper color. It is indeed a perfect summer color, I'm loving it and recommend it. I'm a neutral kind of girl and this one isn't too much for me.
Which are other Essie-must-haves in your opinion?


Amber said...

Echt een geweldig kleurtje!

Tessa said...

Dit is echt een kleurtje wat ik ook zou kopen! echt lief roze :d

Ann said...

I love this colour! I only have 2 Essie's. Sweetie pie is nude and peachy too but it needs 2 coats for a nice coverage :(

beckiangel44 said...

I love this colour so much, it's my only Essie nail polish hehe, becky xo

Evelien said...

amber, mee eens :)

tessa, ja het ziet er ongelofelijk schattig uit maar in het echt is het meer perzik dan roze

ann, I also only have 2: the other one is body language which is also a gorgeous nude - it will appear in the next weeks

becki: glad to hear that! I've also fallen for it

Miss--Moana said...

Mooi kleurtje! staat netjes en fris :D

Evelien said...

Dankje :) vind ik ook, aanrader!

LilKim8 said...

Ik ben meer van de opvallende kleurtjes, maar voor de neutrallovers is er Lushious Lips en Not Such A Pretty Face.

Evelien said...

Dat zijn helemaal mijn kleurtjes Kim :) maar ik heb al enkele OPI varianten op dat gedacht.

Soms kan iets opvallends ook mooi zijn, heb er een paar maar ik grijp nadien altijd terug naar mn neutrals :)

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