Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Review Trind Hand Repair

Last fall I purchased a whole set of Trind goodies and used them quite a long time, you can read my thoughts on them here. Among the other products in the set was a hand cream, yet another thing of which I own too many - I'm trying to finish them before purchasing new ones, but hand creams seem to last a long time. The last month I've been carrying this one by Trind with me, it's a 75ml, a good purse-size.

Trind Hand Repair is a rich, moisturizing hand cream. It absorbs quickly and does not leave a greasy residue. Your hands will look and feel youthful, supple.

Hand Repair contains Duo-Liposomes to revitalize your hands. Liposomes are minute sacs used to carry compounds to specific tissue. Trind developed a unique kind of liposome by splitting one: each side of the Duo-Liposome is filled with basic elements that promote the natural production of Vitamin F. The result is the production of new cells, which are stronger and of a much better texture.

I like the packaging, it's a matte white with golden letters of Trind on it, there's a brown dop on it and well, that's it... Nothing fancy, but decent enough. The dop is very solid, I've been carrying it in my purse for more than a month and it doesn't leak or opens up - which I've heard before from other creams, the horror! It does contain perfume, parabens and mineral oil - which may be a no-go for some people.

The cream has a more lotion-like-texture and spreads out easily. When squeezing the product out of the tube the perfume immediately hits in, it's quite a strong scent that's hard to define - it's best described as floral. It sinks in fast and doesn't leave your hands with a greasy film/feeling. Afterwards my hands feel moist and soft. Sadly enough the moisturizing feeling dissapears soon, and my hands return to their dry state. When using more product to get an optimized effect, it leaves a greasy film so that's not an option. I've been using it often, because I have to use it more than other -more- moisturizing hand creams I've used in the past. At the cost of 15euros for this tube, when bought seperately, it's too pricey for its poor effect...

The goods: sinks in fast, no greasy film

The bads: heavy scent, only slightly moisturizing, price

Overall, I won't repurchase this product because the cons outweigh the pros. If you have more normal to oily skin/hands you might like this product better, but I wouldn't recommend it for dry hands. There are better alternatives, at a fraction of this price available.


Perfectly Unordinary said...

Ik heb ook snel last van droge handen, dus da's dan toch niet iets voor mij. Bedankt voor deze review!

Evelien said...

Graag gedaan, ik had ook meer van deze crème verwacht...

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