Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Review Filorga Meso + Serum

Skincare is big for me and I use it very faithfully, on a daily basis morning and evening. The last couple of years I've also been adding a serum to my day & night routine. Before I just used a cream and didn't really think it through. But now that I'm no longer in my teens, I want to take extra good care of my skin for future development. I have used a couple of serums but still on the browse for the perfect one. Filorga is a new brand available since a couple of months and has been promoted quite heavily as THE anti-aging thing. I bought the serum because the jar packaging of creams doesn't interest me and I don't intend to buy a whole anti-aging range as I don't need it yet. I do have a few fine lines and was curious whether this could correct that a bit...
The NCTF®, our exclusive core formula, combined with DNA fragments, reactivates fibroblasts to redensify the cutaneous layers. The HYALURONIC ACID fills wrinkles and fine lines to perfect skin redensification. In a parallel action RETINOL stimulates cell renewal and remodels the face.

The packaging is light, simple and still luxurious. I like this clean look on luxurious brands. You have to twist the top to get the pump to open, nice nifty system. The pump gives a good dose as you can see below, I usually use 2 pumps for my entire face. The gel is a mixture between white and clear and has a velvet feeling to it (containing silicones). It spreads out easily and sinks in very fast. There's a light fresh scent to it but it doesn't disturb me. My skin didn't react to this product, I was able to use it 2-3months and used it once or twice daily.

Now onto the working part, as to why we buy it. After I've applied this my skin feels incredible soft, thanks to the silicones, and it provides you with a perfect base - a soft and smooth canvas - to apply your makeup. I also noticed my pores becoming smaller and lines appearing smaller after applying this, it has an instant effect. But, and here it is, this product is a magic trick. It works on the spot and it ends there. Whether you use this product 1 day or 1 month doesn't matter, it has no continuous effect. It hasn't stimulated my cell renewal and I highly doubt it will stimulate yours. It contains retinol (which can help stimulate cell renewal) but this is not the major ingredient.

The product isn't cheap, as is no luxurious brand for that matter. The bottle contains 30ml and costed around 50euros. It's available in IciParis, IU and local pharmacies.

The goods: scent, texture, instant effect as a makeup base, packaging

The bads: price, no continuous effect

Personally I wouldn't buy this again as I want to invest in skincare items that continue to improve my skin. I consider this to be a good, but expensive, make-up base if you want to fill up pores and fine lines. But keep in mind that it won't add anything to your skincare regime as a serum.


Perfectly Unordinary said...

Ik gebruik deze ook, maar wel als kuur!
Ja, dat effect is meestal enkel tijdens het gebruik hè, ik heb dat ook met de Estée Lauder Idealist, bijvoorbeeld. Blijven wel goede producten!

Evelien said...

Denk dat je me verkeerd begrijpt, het staat ook wat ongelukkig geformuleerd. Ik bedoel dat als je bv 2 weken gebruikt en vervolgens 3 dagen stopt je bij een degelijk werkend serum nog resultaat ziet van de voorbije 2 weken maar bij dit product verdwijnt het effect meteen als je stopt, aangezien het geen toegevoegde waarde biedt aan verzorging. Hopelijk is het zo wat duidelijker :), ingewikkeld toch die producten.

Ik wou het eerst vergelijken met de idealist omdat ik dat een paar keer gevoeld heb als proefje en dergelijke en het me er direct aan deed denken qua structuur. Maar ik heb idealist zelf nooit gebruikt dus heb geen idee of het inderdaad gelijkaardig is.

Perfectly Unordinary said...

Ah oké, ik had het inderdaad verkeerd geïnterpreteerd!

Evelien said...

Dacht het wel, wil gewoon duidelijkheid :) hopelijk heb jij meer aan het product dan mij.

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