Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Avon haul

Ok, so another haul... Yes, I know I'm still working project x pan but I ordered this stuff 2 months ago so this one doesn't really count now does it? And anyway, my PxP is almost finished with just a few more things to go so I deserve some credit, excited to my new stuff??? Yet another bunch of things I honestly don't need but want or crave for, can't help myself!

Starting with 2 new polishes from their winter holiday collection: Pink Radiance and Splendid Blue - which is more blue than it appears on pics. Also another lipgloss from the Glazewear Shine line, called Iced Pink. I should be putting up a review on Avon lipglosses, I like them!

Then more beautystuff: an (undereye) concealer from the line Anew in colour "fair". And again from the holiday lace collection: supershock mascara and 2 supershock liners in silver and black. I love their holiday look on these items. For me it can stay this way all year...

And lastly a new scent from the Bubble Bath line that I love in the scent "winter Rose" which will be tested as soon as I hit the bath... Actually now that I go over it again, I hadn't ordered that much, I'm such a good girl *petting herself on the back*!


Andreea said...

red nail polish is one of my favorites from Avon, and bubble bath smells really really good !!!

Sara.H said...

WOW! great haul :) thanks for sharing ^ ^

Evelien said...

andreea: it's supposed to be more pink but shows more red on camera :) you're right about the bubble bath though :D:D

sarah: you're welcome, more are coming :$

PinkFairy said...

Ik wil ook zo graag Avon uitproberen, maar helaas nergens te vinden in NL... :(

Evelien said...

Hier is het ook moeilijk te vinden en ben blij dat ik iemand ken die het doet, wel enkel via catalogussen beschikbaar, maar in Nederland gaat dat ook via zijn dezelfde catalogussen die ik krijg. Moest je willen, kun je daar eens kijken. Heb wel zelf geen ervaring met die site.

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