Thursday, 9 December 2010

ASOS order - finally

2 months ago I placed an order with ASOS containing a few Batiste dry shampoo products as mine from Schwarzkopf was running out and Batiste isn't available in drugstores. I had been hearing so much about this brand and was really keen on trying it because I disliked the scent of the Schwarzkopf one and I couldn't find another brand.

So I placed an order and it estimated one week for shipping but after 3 weeks still nothing (and by that time I had run out of my old one)... untill I got an e-mail saying they had received my return and were putting the money back on my account -minus the shipping-. But I hadn't asked for a return at all, hell, I was still waiting for it. So I replied and made my speech, the day afterwards I got a short mail saying the return was a mistake but because the money had already been charged back they couldn't help me any further. If I wanted the items, I had to order them again. I was furious, this is NO customer serivce at all. Why don't they at least offer me a coupon or a xx% off??

Now, I needed the Batiste shampoo so I ordered again, considering they offered free shipping for the christmas period and this time the order came through, after 2 weeks I received the package:

If you know another place where I can buy Batiste, do let me know as I'm not keen on shopping with ASOS again!


Perfectly Unordinary said...

Ik denk... dat ik ze in het Kruidvat gezien heb!

Mallory said...

Ik heb ze gezien in het Kruidvat in Sluis :) maar enkel de Original :) x

pimpernell said...

Ik ben er ook razend benieuwd naar dus ik ben ik héél benieuwd naar de reviews hoor!

Evelien said...

Tja, ik heb kruidvat hasselt enz gedaan maar vond ze toch nergens, vandaar besteld!

Die komen er uiteraard aan zodra ik ze iets vaker gebruikt heb. Ben vooral zelf benieuwd naar die voor brunettes!

PinkFairy said...

Lekker klantgericht... helemaal niet verwacht van Asos...
Pff klantenservice van Victoria's Secret is echt mega goed in vergelijking met dit.

Kat O said...

I live in London so not sure what to recommend...but Batiste is great and I don't know how I ever lived without it! But it does finish up very quickly. I'm trying the Tresemme one at the moment and it's awful, I wouldn't recommend it at all!
If you like Urban Decay check out my Book of Shadows III Giveaway!
Kat x

Evelien said...

Thanks for the tip Kat!

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