Monday, 27 December 2010

Review Avon Foot Works Vanilla Brown Sugar Foot Cream

Yesterday I talked about my bedside box and this product is part of it... I enjoy taking care of my hand and feet, as they need it and feel so much better afterwards. They are quite dry, especially during the winter but it doesn't always come to my mind to take care of them. I'm sure many of you will recognize that particular sentence...

This foot cream is by Avon and has a mixed scent of vanilla and brown sugar to it. The scent is also the main reason I bought it, I'm a fan of brown sugar scents. The outside looks very simple but nice enough. The tube is matte and has the appropriate yellow and brown colours to refer to the scent. If you look closely you can also see the vanilla sticks and the brown sugar underneath.

The product itself is quite thick and has a beige-lightbrown colour. When spreading it, it is again quite thick and needs some time to sink in. The scent is vanilla and brown sugar all the way, I love it so much, I can just sniff on it all day - delicious. There's a hint of artificial scent to it, but it's not overwhelming so I don't mind. It does a good job at moisturizing if you have dry skin. Apart from that it doesn't do anything else, and I didn't expect it either.

A point of negative is that it contains alcohol denatol, it's on the lower part of the ingredient list, but nevertheless this shouldn't happen (as their regular foot cream doesn't contain it). It contains 75ml and I paid about 3-4euros for it. This was a limited scent edition, however Avon brings them back each year.

The goods: nice scents, moisturized, good price

The bads: a bit artificial, no special effects, contains alcohol denatol

Overall this is a basic foot cream that, if you like the scent, works nice. It's an OK product but there are also other likewise products in the same price range that have the same effect.


Perfectly Unordinary said...

Ben wel benieuwd naar die geur! En hij is best scherp geprijsd, ook.
Heb je trouwens nog een mailtje gestuurd!

Evelien said...

Ja, hij is erg speciaal en ik wacht nog altijd dat 'm terugkomt om te kopen :) Als er promoties zijn, zijn de prijzen van Avon inderdaad super!

Heb je teruggemaild.

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