Friday, 17 December 2010

New hairdo!

Paid a visit to the hairdressers to get it coloured and cut... I'm a bit hairdressershy, I only pay a visit 2-max 3 times a year, it always looks so short when they cut it and I want it to grow about 10-20cm longer than it is to get perfect long waves but my hair just doesn't want to reach that length hehe. This time, I chose for a bit darker with a warm gloss in it and a new fringe, result here it is *lots of pictures alert*:

My boyfriends thoughts were "oh it looks different". It's different but I like it, it will definitely look more voluminous once I've washed it myself. It always looks thinner when hairdressers blowdry my hair, weird...


Tessa said...


Perfectly Unordinary said...


PinkFairy said...

Staat je goed!

Evelien said...

Dankjullie, lief maar blijf het te kort en te donker vinden. Ochja, moeilijke klant ikke!

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