Thursday, 12 August 2010

Tested L'Oreal Lash Renewal Serum

A couple of weeks ago I told you here I would be testing the lash serum from L'Oreal. I also stated I didn't have high expectations. And now it's time for the results!

In the box it looks like a regular mascara by L'Oreal. Here's the products description: L’Oréal’s Renewal Lash Serum enriched with Arginine and Centella for a nourishing lash boost. Lashes feel fortified, look renewed. Clinically tested.

Opening it you see the weird applicator, formed like a lash curler. It is also soft and bendable, positive. They advise you to use it mornings as well as evenings and in 2ways: firstly with the tip go over the lash line and then sweep the brush along your lashes like a mascare.

I've mainly used it in the evening and sometimes in the morning if I could stay in. It takes a while for the product to dry on your lashes and makes them stick together a bit. So if you want to apply mascare after it, not a good idea. Using it is very easy, like their description, and the product doesn't irritate my eyes at all (I wear contacts so again a plus for L'Oreal).

Onto the most important fact, my lashes (click on the picture for a close-up, it's more visible then)!

before - after

Excuse my different lighting, no sun today! When comparing the pictures (bare lashes, no mascara, no curler) you clearly see I've grown more lashes in both corners of my eye. They've also gotten thicker, I'm not sure whether they're longer - maybe a bit. Not visible but telling anyway, they have developed some shine, which is very lovely. Effects are supposed to be optimal after 8 weeks of usage.

I've been using it for 5-6 weeks now, daily (sometimes twice a day) and this is how much I've used. The product doesn't get wasted and you don't need much, it will last a long time for sure.

Now, is this worth the purchase? To me: yes! Don't expect miracles, but it will improve your lashes. I like what it's done to mine, with curler and mascara on they almost look like fake ones. Pricetag is around 15euros but because it will last a long time this is neglectable to me. I say go off and buy it, you've got nothing to lose!


Ann said...

That's really impressive :)

Evelien said...

Thanks, I think so too. Still using and loving it, it lasts such a long time.

Anonymous said...

I tried it and my view tadaaaaaaaaaaaa
useless, no change, zip zero.
^ ^
=6_6= Neko chan

Evelien said...

Oh, sorry to hear that. It varies from person to person. I've also tried Revitalash and it didn't do anything for me, whilst it did help others...

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