Monday, 23 August 2010

Review Avon Radiant Brunette range

Hair products... I buy too many of them and use too little of them!, familiar with this?

For reference: I have long weird curling (never the way I want it) normal to dry hair that frizzes easy, I usually wash it once a week. My hair needs conditioning and/or masks, if I don't use them it won't be soft. If there's something else you'd like to know, feel free to ask.

When browsing through an AVON catalog I came across their Radiant Brunette line claiming to be illuminating - do I want my hair to illuminate - yes please! Products prices range between 3 and 5euros/each, no harm in trying for such a price... They also have a Blonde line in case you were wondering.

The line has a shampoo, mask and leave-in balm:

Introducing ADVANCE TECHNIQUES Radiant Brunette Collection. Fortified with a moisturizing blend of shine boosters to reveal the rich spectrum of brunette tones for gleaming, glistening locks – so you’re always the mane attraction! For natural or color-treated brunettes.
  • Shampoo: gently cleanses to illuminate the rich spectrum of brunette tones. Brown formula enhances radiance.
  • Mask: for natural or color-treated brunettes. Delivers soft, smooth texture, rich moisture and multi-dimensional shine.
  • Balm: for natural or color-treated brunettes. Lightweight formula reveals the rich tones of brown hair, for soft shiny vibrancy.
All 3 products have the same nice fresh scent. The shampoo (left) is darkbrown en very runny, the mask is light brown and quite thick, the balm (right) is clear and like a gel.

Now, my thoughts:
  • the shampoo is very basic, it cleans my hair easily, rinses out easily.
  • the mask is thicker, applies easily. You should leave it in for 3 minutes but I leave it in longer to optimize its effect (10minutes or so). This makes my hair a bit softer but it's not as soft as with other products I've used before.
  • the balm also applies easily but when applied and after drying my hair it causes it to tangle. So I've only used it on my ends from then on. I don't find it doing anything special.

This line makes the dark undertones in my hair pop out. But sadly enough I don't see any radiance or shine coming through. I've used the products for several weeks in a row but still no illuminating hair for me.

These products are really basic, if you don't like spending much on hair care I would suggest the shampoo and mask. Both of them are OK products for their price. I wouldn't recommend buying the balm.


Perfectly Unordinary said...

Ah, cheap hair stuff, I like! :-)
Ik heb lang producten van de kapster gebruikt, maar toch op zoek naar een alternatief...

Evelien said...

Welk merk heb je dan gebruikt? Ik heb nog nooit echt dure haarproducten gebruikt, hoewel ik wel enkele producten op het oog heb van Bumble&Bumble...

pimpernell said...

Zou ik ook wel willen proberen! Ik zond vorige week een mailtje naar de dame in kwestie maar hoorde nog niks terug :-(

Nog even wachten zeker?

Evelien said...

Oei, dat is vreemd. Ik moet haar sowieso mijn bestelling meedelen deze week, ik zal jouw e-mail nog eens aan haar doorgeven dan voor de zekerheid.

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