Friday, 6 August 2010

Haul Avon

I've already talked about AVON regarding their Bubble Bath in Product Praise. I regularly buy some of their stuff through a friend of mine. Products are hit and miss, depending on your likings. With my last purchase I decided to take a leap of faith and also order new stuff, fingers crossed it turns out hit...

2 tubes from their -foot works- line, these are limited edition scents. I adore red fruits scent in shower gels, body lotions, hand creams etc you name it. It's not that I care for my feet daily but I like to have a lovely scent when I do have time for it. This is called cherry ice and it smells like cherry bubblegum, along with this both products are pink - loving it! I bought the lotion and the scrub for 3,5euro/each.

Their new summer lipgloss in color -pink nectar-, it promises to gives you fuller lips for the price of 4euros, we'll see but sceptical me is sceptical...

And these are the new stuff I was referring to. First up is a blush in the color -earthen rose-, looks a lot lighter than expected. And secondly their face pearls, which have been around for forever I believe, I hope they can deliver a nice glow on my skin and maybe be a good dupe for Guerlains pearls. Products are priced around 10euros.

Which is your favourite AVON product?


pimpernell said...

Those Glazewear lipglosses are the Bomb!! Kentralmakes3 on youtube is a Die Hard Avon fan :-) and if you need some mor lemming then ou hould check her channel.

i just didn't know that Avon is still available in Belgium, if o, i would die to get my hands on some of their stuff!

My favorite Avon perfume is Instinct.

Evelien said...

Yes it still is, if you want I can bring you into contact with my friend or I can also order it for you, let me know.

Haven't tried their glazewear yet, will do so next time ;)

pimpernell said...

Oooh, I would be happy to get in contact with your friend, so you can mail me her details or something like that :-)

I'm not sure what I want from Avon right now so I hope she has some items to choose from :-)

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