Monday, 30 August 2010

Review Avon Mega Impact Rich lipstick

In my latest haul you came across a new AVON lipstick, called the Ultra Colour Rich Mega Impact lipstick - wow what a mouthfull! I got it in the colour -never so nude-, as you know I love nude stuff!

Colour magnifiers boost the colour by highlighting and reflecting the true colour, so what you see is richer and more impactful. Rich, creamy formula, wears for hours. SPF15. The product has an odd shape, which adds a little something to it -sophisticated. It's a brown-beige colour with shimmer in it. There's no scent to it, which is better than those chemical ones you get sometimes.

Here's the product, swatched where the shimmer becomes really visible:
And here it is on my lips:
It is a creamy formula, though not as creamy as MAC's one. I think it looks lovely on my lips, very subtle color and shimmer - just my kind of thing. Only downside is that it doesn't last for hours - more like an hour or so, reapplication is often needed. I paid 6euros for the lipstick and for this price I consider it to be an OK lipstick.


Sarah said...

oeh, ziet er mooi uit zeg!

Perfectly Unordinary said...

Hele speciale vorm!

Loeder said...

Zien er mooi uit, en idd een apart vorm, leuk!

Evelien said...

Dankje allemaal, het is inderdaad een specialleke :)

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