Friday, 13 August 2010

Haul of random & some good news

First oh -joyful dance- we've reached 20 followers (welcome newbies) and that means the goodiebag giveaway is coming! This afternoon I'm going to get my hair cut and will also be purchasing some goodies for the bag, it will appear next week so stay tuned :)! Today just a random haul of things I've purchased in the last week but hadn't placed yet.
From ebay I purchased some polishes, I needed a new top coat after my smashed seche vite. I decided to order the -out the door- one and of course I had to order some polishes along with it. Two Essies: Body Language and Van d'go (my first Essies by the way) and the OPI Over The Taupe. Products were bought from beautyzone, who carries a lot of Essie. Shipping extremely fast and well packed, costs are fair, recommended!!
Then the foundation brush from No7, won it in an auction for a couple of euros, really cheap. Review is coming up.
Yesterday I went to "Action", a discount store in Belgium. And by discount I mean really discount, lot of products are less than 1euro. I bought an Aloe Vera drink (like the plant/smell, was only 18cent), a candle lighter (I adore scented candles) and Rose bubble bath (I love rose scents, delicious)!
Lastly I purchased some Trind nail goodies, not cheap but it gets so much praise I just had to buy it. The reason I bought it: I used to be a nail biter. I've quit for some time now but my nailbeds are still really tiny. My nails look a bit orange and I don't have nailwhite ends, but nailyellow ends, I've used several base coats -including high end ones- but they aren't doing anything. I don't even wear dark colors, mostly nudes and pink ones. These products are supposed to get rid of all these things. From left to right you see: hand repair - nail balsem - cuticle balsem - nail repair -nailpolish remover and in front the nail buffer. I really wanted the polish remover as well as the 3tiny bottles, the other ones were just included in the set. You're better of buying the set than them seperately. We'll see how it turns out...

Are any of these products also present in your stash?


Martje said...

congratulations with 20+ followers!!!

I used that Aloe Vera drink as well, we`ve got Action here in town, and I loved it!

Simone said...

I'm curious about the topcoat. And that Aloe Vera drink, does it something special or something?

maRyya said...

when will you announce the goodiebag giveaway winner?

Ann said...

Congrats with 20+ :)
I love "over the taupe", one of my favs OPI :) INM replaced my precious Poshe topcoat and I am not complaining about it. INM is my new HG ;)

Evelien said...

martje, I tried it, but so far not loving it

simone: I've used the topcoat one time so far, but I want to use it with different polishes before I put up a review - the aloe vera drink does nothing special I believe, I just bought it because it said "aloe vera"

maryya: I've already bought some stuff for the goodiebag though one thing wasn't in stock, so I'm returning today to get it and the article will appear this week along with what's in it :)

ann: wow that makes my hopes even higher for INM, haven't tried the over the taupe yet but it looks like a perfect fall color!

maRyya said...

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Thanks a lot!


Ann said...

Poshe dries quicker than INM but the polish lasts longer with INM without chipping your whole nail ;)

Evelien said...

Thanks for the info, I haven't tried the poshe but I don't think I will in this case. I think INM dries fast enough.

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