Tuesday, 10 August 2010

London Haul

London to me is a shopping paradise, but I tried not to go berserk and kept it rational... And here are my humble purchases:

Off course I had to go into Boots, which is everywhere, and bought 2 items from Neutrogena. These are only intended to be used on my nose as that's the place where I get impurities/blackheads. I was lucky, on sale: 2 voor 5£!

I also popped into Lush as we suddenly ran into it -hooray- (my first visit to Lush) and bought the Bubblegum Lip Scrub, it smells divine... The whole store smelled cottoncandy, was getting a headache in there :)

Topshop: as said before I didn't have that much time to try on all I eyed at. I bought these lovely pink ballerinas (I liked them more in grey-silver but they were no longer in my size) and a blazer with beige undertones to it, very classy...

Then onto the make-up! I bought the Sleek Pout Polish in Pink Cadillac (I also wanted the peach one but it was sold out) and the Sleek Storm Palet in Superdrug, along with the Revlon lipgloss in peach. In Selfridges I bought the NARS sheer glow (off course I had to try this, everyone raves about it!!) and the Bobbi Brown Concealer Stick. Last on the list was in Fenwicks and I bought Becca Eye tint in Baroque.

I also tried the Benefit Coralista, as it was on my thingstogetlist, but it didn't suit me at all... :(

Now, these were my actual purchases but I tried much much more and already have my list of -things to buy soon- ready, take a peak, out of the top of my head:

-Becca Illuminator in pearl
-NARS multiple orgasm
-NARS cream blush penny lane
-NARS laguna bronzer
-Kiehls avocado creamy eye
-Aveda Rosemary Shampoo/Conditioner
-Burt's and Bees lip balm

What's your favourite among the things I purchased? Or is there another musthave I forgot, let me know!


Amber said...

Mooie spulletjes zeg! Sleek Storm palette is zo mooi! Die Pout Polish lijkt me ook wel fijn!

beckiangel44 said...

How nice is the bubblegum lip scrub? I find myself smelling it all the time!! becky xo

mysterious.brunette said...

die pout polish wil ook al een tijdje proberen. ik ben zo zot van tlc dat het niet kan missen. leuk geshopt!!

Evelien said...

becky: yes it smells delicious mmmm and it makes my lips so soft

amber/brunette: vind het palet ook de mooiste uit de reeks - en een leuke prijs ook, heb de pout polish nog niet veel geprobeerd maar voorlopig vind ik m leuk :), ben eens blij dat er SPF inzit!

maRyya said...

cute blog!
i'm following you
please visit my blog if you have time and follow me!

Evelien said...

thanks maryya, I'll do that!

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