Monday, 9 August 2010

Loving London!

And here it is, my report on London! Sorry it took so long!
We took the Eurostar early on Saturday and arrived at 9:30 Londen time. Took the underground to Regent Street for a shopping spree, a very very long shopping spree!! We were able to do Regent, Oxford, part of Bond Street including checking in at the hotel and lunch.
I was most looking forward to Selfridges, House of Fraser and Topshop. We don't have those huge warehouses in Belgium and I found it breathtaking, all those lovely brands and lovely salespersons that actually know what they're talking about and they let you try on anything you want without pressure or snobbing you! Topshop was bit underwhelming, but it was also very busy, I didn't have much time to try on stuff because there was so much we still wanted to do.

On Sunday we browsed Carnaby Street for a bit and then went on to be tourists, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben from distance, Green Park and Hyde Park. This last one was even more beautiful than I thought, we stayed there until it was time to go...
Grabbing a bite to eat and came to this remarkable napkin... -made me smile-

On a sad note: after arriving we went into a Starbucks 'cause I needed some coffee. I got this really big and way too full cup. There wasn't room to sit on ground floor but they also had an upper floor so taking the stairs, reached table and couch safely. And when I wanted to put my cup down my purse fell from my shoulder into my arm, causing my cup to spill a lot over my lovely purse with this result:

It has got stains like this all over... I'm really sad about it, especially since she was expensive, I ordered special leather cleanser so fingers crossed.

Tomorrow I'll post my haul and thoughts on them ;)! I love love Londen, thinking of going again round Christmas time...


Perfectly Unordinary said...

Aaaaah, over uw mooie handtas! Ik zou flippen! Voor de rest heel benieuwd naar je shophaul :-)

Evelien said...

Heb me heel erg moeten inhouden ja, was er niet goed van, ik hoop dat ik het eruit krijg, maar heb er goede hoop in!

Qua shoppen heb ik geprobeerd me niet helemaal te laten gaan, enkel hetgeen ik echt echt wou... En ik heb al een verlanglijstje aangelegd natuurlijk ;)

Simone said...

oh hoop echt dat het eruit gaat!

Evelien said...

ik ook, product is onderweg, apple cleaner, naar het schijnt enorm goed

De verteller said...

Ik ga volgende week naar London,
heb je nog leuke tips ??


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