Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Never again: fragrancex

Sidenote: we're getting close to 20 girls, I've already ordered/bought some items for the goodiebag, I bet you're all curious ;) Now on to serious stuff... Todays menu is a bit heavier!

Another new catagory (yes, I'm on a roll) in which I'll be talking about products that I don't consider worthy of their price tag, online shopping that went horribly wrong and stuff like that - I think you get the picture. Off course these are my personal experiences and thoughts, yours may be different.

This first one comes with a little story... My boyfriends birthday is on 17th June and he wanted some perfume. I said "we'll order it online, fast delivery and it less". He went to the store quickly after his work, tried some and came home with the scent he wanted - initially I couldn't find the product because he didn't remember the correct name, only the brand (darling isn't home in the world of perfume where brands have multiple, often similar names) but ok - eventually we found it. Normally I order from fragrancedirect in the UK but they didn't offer the perfume he wanted. Nothing to worry, plenty of dealers so I went to fragrancex, which I've already heard a lot of. I ordered his perfume and one summer scent for me as well - what did you expect?- This was more than a week before his birthday, I didn't have much hope it would arrive on time.

After 3weeks of waiting I mailed fragrancex, impatient me, but they advised me to be patient. I waited another 2weeks, mailed again, same advice and check customs -nothing there-. After 7-8weeks I was tired of their advice and filled in a complaint with paypal. A week ago I received a mail from customs saying they had a package for me -really? I'd forgotten-. I had to scent the payment details and some personal stuff.

Yesterday (more than 2 months after ordering it) I finally got a hold on the perfume, packaging was ok. But I had to pay almost 60euros on taxes and administration. For reference, I paid 80euros while ordering the perfume along with shipping. This is ridiciously high in comparison.

To sum it up: waited ages, very high fee, no helpfull service - I will never buy from them again. If you live in Europe, like me, don't do it!! I don't know how their shipping is in the USA, but as I stated above, I'm speaking from my experience.

Here's what I bought:

Kenzo Homme for my darling

Escada Marine Groove (100ml - the more the better)

Have you had a similar online experience, share!


Perfectly Unordinary said...

Ugh, zo slechte service! Ik koop niet veel online, omdat ik dergelijke dingen niet wil meemaken.

mysterious.brunette said...

wat rot! Hier kopen we dus niet meer :)

Evelien said...

perfectly: tja, dit is de 1e keer voor mij ook, meeste mensen hebben goede service :) jullie zijn alvast gewaarschuwd voor deze

Ann said...

Vreselijk om mee te maken, bedankt voor de waarschuwing :s

ps: Sta je met bloglovin' niet bij followers?

Evelien said...

graag gedaan, daarvoor dient het - ik schrijf graag mn frustraties van me af in dat geval

je kunt me volgen via bloglovin ja, in de rechterzijbalk staat een link ernaar of bedoel je iets anders?

maRyya said...

so cute!
i'm following you
pass by my blog if you have time and follow me!
i'm having a giveaway ^_^

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