Friday, 13 May 2011

Some online shopping haul

You all may have seen/read that blogger had some problems the last few days and today I suddenly noticed that yesterdays post had gone into oblivion so here it is again...

It's time for another haul, it's been quite a while *because London doesn't count* and meanwhile I've received some lovely parcels, with even better stuff inside it... Curious?

My first order was from fragrancedirect, from which I've ordered a few times in the past (for instance my Britney Spears - Fantasy) and have been really pleased with them. Fast affordable shipping and perfumes all have a nice price -they also offer some other brands for makeup/skin&hair care, worth checking out- the shop is UK based so there aren't any taxes on your items. I ordered Jennifer Aniston's perfume (her debut) because I read some good things about it/it had a good pricing/it's exclusively available in the UK. It's described as a fresh light scent and I absolutely love it!!

Before checking out I was browsing around and saw that they also offer Carmex so I threw in 2 different ones. I've heard a lot about it but haven't tried it myself and because I love lip balms I couldn't let them pass...

Second order was from Paula's Choice. On the left are 2 AHA-treatments with 10% and 5%, my skin has become a lot better since I regularly use an AHA-treatment so I wanted to try these ones. Then the Skin recovery toner, a very mild and hydrating one which I got a sample in the past and liked it - check quickview. A new day cream called Moisture Boost complex SPF20 which I also discussed in this quickview and wanted to try for a longer period. On the most right is my bf's favourite nighttime cream, he has normal to combination skin and loves this.

Lastly, an order from Strawberrynet containing the Chanel Vitalumière foundation in Limpide (this colour isn't available here in Europe, sadly, it's perfect for lighter skin tones as myself), this foundation is very good for dry skin and is definitely on my recommend-list but I'll post a review on it soon. Then also 2 products from the Estee Lauder Veritee line, intented for sensitive skin. I bought the eye cream and the milk cleanser. EL is such a luxurious brand, which makes me want to try a few of their products and hopefully they live up to my expectations.

Have you recently purchased something online???


G A B Y said...

I yet have to try these Carmex lipbalms, but I have far too many lipbalms that I need to use up first 0=

Anonymous said...

Leuke spulletjes heb je weer geshopt. Ik heb ook een tubetje Carmex liggen. Ik vind het wel okay maar niet spectaculair ofzo. Naar de AHA producten van Paula's choice ben ikook erg nieuwsgierig want AHA's doen ook veel goeds voor mijn huid.
Ik dacht dat je de Chanel aqua vitalumiere had besteld dus ik was al als een dolle aan het zoeken gegaan naar die in de kleur Limpide. Maar nu snap ik waarom ikniks heb kunnen vinden. ;)

Evelien said...

Gaby: I know the feeling, I also have a lot but I seem to put them in purses and such where I can't find them afterwards...

Daris: voorlopig vind ik het ook maar zo-zo, niet veel bijzonders inderdaad. Ik vind AHA's zeer goed, echt een fijn product. Ik heb ze alle 3 van haar lijn, maar ik moet ze nog wat meer gebruiken voor echt de werking te zien. Persoonlijk vind ik die van de Resistlijn leuker dan haar van 8%.

Nee, die had ik niet besteld maar is die daar ook niet in beschikbaar? Op de home usa-site van Chanel kan je dat nagaan en als het zo is, komt die wel binnen op strawberrynet - ze zijn enkel snel weg :(.

Simonne said...

Paula ! One of my fav skincare brand. I always repurchase their
*BHA 1% lotion
*Hydrating Gel

By the way, do u think we can use BHA in long term ? Or should I give my skin a resting period then continue my exfoliate ?

Evelien said...

I also have the BHA 1% lotion, but next time will go for the 2%. The gel isn't moisturizing enough for me, but she does offer some great moisturizers.

I don't know how often you use the BHA? I mostly use it when I notice my skin is getting some blackheads/whiteheads on certain places only. I think I use it about 2 times a week when I don't notice anything. I also use AHA about 2-3 times a week. I only use these exfoliaters in the evening. It's always a good thing to let your skin rest from time to time. I sometimes forget using it, mostly when my skin is at its best :). Just see how your skin reacts to the absence of it. And do wear a high sunscreen!

Simonne said...

Oh you only use them AHA/BHA 2 times a week.Ya ya you r right should give skin some rest. I'm using them daily and now giving them a rest, as my night skincare is adding EL ANR ^__^
Yupe I dun find BHA lotion is moiturise enough, I love to layer BHA with antioxidant

Evelien said...

Yes, off course. I let it sink in and put moisturizer on afterwards. It also depends on your age, the older you get the more I would use it. I can imagine that when I'm 50 I will use it almost daily because your skin needs it more but now 2 times is just fine for me. Hopefully it goes well :)

eula_w said...

Fantastic links! Thanks for posting those. I use that perfume once. :)

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