Thursday, 19 May 2011

Product Praise the Brush Guard

A product thatI use weekly and couldn't imagine living without anymore... that's what the brushguard is to me. I got to know it more than a year ago and ordered it along with a Coastal Scents offer - bristles sticking out everywhere was getting on my nerves and I read this was the next best thing to solve my problem. I was so impressed by it that I wanted more (the package I ordered contained 6 guards and let's face it, a girl owns more than 6 brushes). I then ordered from their home site as they offer cheaper shipping.

The Brush Guard is a flexible, breathable sheath that slips over a brush’s handle and over the bristles to give makeup brushes the best possible protection.
Only The Brush Guard allows brushes to dry bristle-down so water can’t damage the ferrule. The brush dries in perfect shape and lasts longer!
With The Brush Guard in place, makeup brushes can go anywhere safely.

The brush guard comes in 4 different shapes: xtra small (eyeliner), small (eyeshadow - home site claims this fits a blush brush but don't believe it), medium (blush/foundation), large (powder/kabuki). You can buy a variety pack containing all of these guards or you can choose which ones you use more often in a simple pack. Each pack costs 5,5$ and international shipping comes at 3$. I've purchased 4 packs: 1 variety, 1 small, 1 medium and 1 large - I now have a total of 23 of these guards as in each pack the number is different. When I wash most of my brushes all these guards are being used. You can always switch days washing your brushes and buy only the variety pack, that's also an option, but at such a low price I decided to go for quantity. Mostly because I'm lazy and when I'm busy washing my brushes I like to have them all done at once...

You can easily slip the guard over your brush and over the bristles, use one motion. The guard is breathable, meaning there are tiny holes in it, it's kind of a special structure - this is why it's important to use one motion, otherwise the bristles get caught in these holes. After having washed your brush, put the guard on and put it upside down in a glass to dry. This way the water can't damage your handle and the bristles stay AND dry in perfect shape with none of them sticking out.

I love this product and recommend it to anyone. If you have some expensive brushes this is the perfect way to maintain them. It's cheap, effective and best of all, it lasts forever and doesn't need replacing within the next couple of years...


BeautyLoves said...

Ik vond dit altijd maar een raar product, maar nu ik jouw post lees, moet ik ze misschien toch eens proberen! Mijn kwasten kosten namelijk wel genoeg geld :)

Evelien said...

Zeker doen, je kwasten drogen er zo mooi mee en hebben echt hun vorm terug. En belangrijk, geen water naar het handvat. Ik heb echt n kwast gehad waar ik het handvat zo vanaf kon trekken (en het was n dure) maar sinds ik dit gebruik heb ik er geen last meer van.

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