Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Budget Review Catrice Quick dry & high shine top coat

Lately Catrice renewed their whole product range and a lot of exciting items were added, this top coat was also renewed. I bought it while it was in promotion, but normally you can get it for 2,49euros, a budgettary price. .

Shortens drying time of all nail lacquers.
Leaves high gloss shine and increases durability.

Catrices packaging is for polishes the same as before, simple but lovely. The brush also has the same size and is easy to manage - it's bigger than an Essie-brush and smaller than an OPI-brush if you're wondering. Applying goes easily and the product is very smooth, but it's like a bubblemagnet... I've used it on several polishes and noticed that when the polish was more watery (instead of creamy) after applying the topcoat a lot of air bubbles showed up which I do not like. I tried applying immediately and tried waiting, didn't help... However, if used on a creamy polish it gets a smooth surface? Onto the drying time: after about half an hour your nails are -with 2 coats- already quite dry but try to avoid sharp things. Then it takes forever to get them thouroughly dry, for example: when I put polish on at 8pm and go to bed at 10pm I have bed sheets imprinted on my nails, it's a shame. And lastly, the lasting time: the positive thing about it, I can easily wear my nail polish for a week as with other top coats. After 2 days there is some slight tipwearing, as always but no chips

The goods: price, lasting time, works well with creamy polishes

The bads: often air bubbles, long thouroughly drying time

Overall, I'm disappointed in this topcoat. Off course I didn't expect to find a dupe for INM or Seche, but regarding their regular polishes I expected better quality from their top coat. I'm sure it will be better when you wear just one coat of polish, but honestly, almost everyone wears at least 2 coats. This is a missed shot from Catrice and I wouldn't recommend it...


Elyse said...

This topcoat is horrible!! It just does not dry.. :o I've got it on now for 2 hours and i can just scrape my nail polish off my nails.. I'm going to return it Monday.. I'm really disappointed.

Evelien said...

Yes I know what you mean. It only dries superficially. I must say after 2 hours it was more or less ok with me (when using 2 coats of polish), but that's way too long for a drying period anyway. I can't return it, but I would totally do the same thing!

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